Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Beatles or Elvis?

In his movie Pulp Fiction Mia says, "You are either a Beatles or Elvis fan, you can't like each one equally." Or words to that effect.

I'm in the Beatles camp. Although I find in this group there are those who like the earlier material better and those who like the later stuff. I'm more into the later material from Rubber Soul & Revolver on. They really began experimenting in the studio and on their minds.

One of the reasons I like the Beatles is that they tended to write most iof their material and their melodies are always great. Fantastic musicians too, rarely relying on session musicians, although on occasions they did get the likes of Eric Claption to do some work.

Anyway I've been combing second hand recored stores for Beatles CD's for some time and pretty well have the stuff from later on. Have re-formatted to my computer so I can now play them juke box style.

My "Beatles 5 star" autopicker has about 20 songs in it.... and my favourite is either "A Day in the Life", "Dear Prudence" or the trippy "Tomorrow never Knows" complete with backwards guitars.

There's a great review of all the Beatles albums at

Like me they like the later stuff better!


  • There was a story I read years ago where Elvis was all set to record some vocals on the White Album. He was to sing lead-vocals for Back in the USSR, and My Guitar Gently Weeps. It seems there was a bust up over money between Elvis's manager, and The Beatles felt they were getting ripped off and disrespected, so it was cancelled.

    You could actually imagine what these songs would sound like if Elvis did his singing on them.

    I don't know if this just music-lore, but that was the story...!

    By Blogger Celtic99, at 4:35 am  

  • you know I pitch my tent in the Beatles camp even though I do like to visit the Elvis camp..68 comeback special my fave of his stuff...but I hang my hat where the fab four resides. Anyone for s'mores? Keep that fire going guys no rest till sunup. And you now know how I feel about Tomorrow Never Knows..and Prudence is one of my faves as well..come out to play? OKAY!Let's go ride bikes or something!

    By Blogger OurHealingHands Incentives, at 4:30 am  

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