Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The virgin Mer and the Initiate

The virgin Mer and the Templar

The above is a photo which I took in the Mossaic Cathedral in the south of France. Cathedrals are like "big books" if you go to the right ones. Chatres, Auch, Notre Dame and Mossaic are a few which have esoteric symbols preserved by long gone stone masons. Fulcanelli discussed a few of these in his book "The Mystery of the Cathedrals".

There are a series of reliefs as you enter the church portal (door). On the Left hand side are the earthly delights money and sex. On the right hand side are the more spiritual pursuits and realizations. It reflects the right hand path and the left hand path of initiation. The above is one of the reliefs on the right hand side.

In the alchemical and initiatory circles, life energy is said to come from the "Virgin's milk" or the great mother and here is a pictorial representaion of this. The "virgin" Mary is pointing here exposed breast towards the solar plexus of the initiate templar which he also has exposed.

Note that both also have their knees exposed. I'm unsure of the symbolism of this but it could have something to so with Capricorn who rules the knees. Capricorn also heralds the beginning of new yearly cycle on our calendar. The Freemasons are also big on the "exposed knee" symbolism.

Lara Knight Jadczyk has put and article up The true identity of Fulcanelli, The four elements of the Da Vinci Code.

This article explains some of the symbolism used in esoteric circles and includes some photos from Auch cathedral which looks at similar sybolism to the above.


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