Sunday, March 27, 2005

My Friend the Chocolate Cake

No it's not a state of mind, it's actually the name of an eclectic band from
Melbourne Australia. They include a violin, cello, some guitars and wind

Melbourne churns out these wonderful bohemian bands from time to time. The
Cat Empire, The Dirty Three and Hunter and Collectors being some others.

I picked up My Friend the Chocolate Cake's best of album "Parade"
a couple of weeks ago, by far their finest song is "A midlife's tale (Get it
back now)". It's a bittersweet, melancholic song about the loss sometimes
felt in middle life.

There's a live version ,here from ABC Canberra here in that blessed real
media format, I'd be able to play it if I wasn't so wary of that horribly
invasive RealMeadia player. The RM player seems to take over everything on
the computer, defaults all sorts of files and thus............remains not
downloaded and uninstalled.

A short Windows media sample here from Amazon.


Lovely song.

My Friend The Chocolate Cake -
A Midlife's Tale (Get It Back Now)
Tabbed by: Ashley Hall

G D Em C

My neighbour does some funny things
He's got three kids and he's got six drinks to go
Before he sleeps tonight
Singing liberation songs out on the front verandah

My neighbour falls asleep out there
He wakes up the next morning with the sun
And it reminds him that it's time
Well it's off to work we go
He's always one day starting way behind another

Get it back now x6

Dreaming is a casual thing you do if you believe
In just by chance one day the lovely things will come true.
But he's well past thinking that
It's now a day by day proposal
He's lost his magic, Christ he'd like to get it back now

Get it back now x6

Once upon a time there were so many plans
Holidays and blossoms and some fine romance
But it's all behind him now
There's no game plan to be followed
He's lost his magic, Christ he'd like to get it back now

Get it back now x12


  • Just heard this song on Pandora, and it's great... But I think the phrasing might be:

    He's lost his magic Christ, he'd like to get it back now

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:44 pm  

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