Monday, July 04, 2005

MotorEx Sydney

I enjoy cars.It's a trait I've inhertied from my father.

Yesterday I had a chance to take a look at and be involved in the MotorEx exhibition near the Sydney Olympic Stadium. Let me say it is probably one of the most unique car shows I've ever been to. There were cars and bikes from all eras and tastes.

I was helping at the Mercedes Benz club stand for a while, minding a 1950's 300SL Gullwing, the president of the club's new CLK350 and the previous president's 70's 450SL. The theme was the advancement of Mercedes sportscars which was covered by the three models.

It is the first car show I've been to where at one moment you could be looking at the amazing engineering behind a top fuel drag car, then see a chopped and lowered Mercury sled, see a rip snorting rally prepared Subaru WRX Sti with mud still on it, admire the polished timber inside a Rolls Royce Phantom, spot an immaculately restored Mini Cooper S and finish it off with a locally made 90's Holden in pristine condition and 400 miles on the clock. There was something for everyone.

The main attraction was the custom hotrods and show cars at the front of the hall, with the older restored cars out the back. I'm more in the restorers camp. Bringing aged pieces of engineering back to life and preserving them for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. Most marques were there with a little club talk and rivalvry over each type of car represented. the enthusiasm was across all camps though, car buffs admire a good job no matter what the brandname.

You could pretty well identify which club one belonged to by their clothing believe it or not. The Bentley owner in his Gunn and Rodd casuals, the American car owners in their patched bomber jackets, t-shirts and jeans, Aston Martin and Rolls owners in tweeds, hot rod guys with ponytails and tattoos..... that sort of thing. There is a uniform that goes along with the tribalism!

So I've thrown some pics of the day up. The resolution and dealing with indoors light abilities by my outdated camera, haven't made for the best of photographs. I tried adjusting the setting a little with photoshop which should add a little more clarity.

Hope you enjoy them.


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