Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Couple of new links.

Couple of new links I've picked up. One via my Blogshare icon which tracks links in. I've got no idea how the share thing works, however it's useful to track who thinks my lowly blog worthy of a looksee.

First is Winston from Tennesee at nobody asked..... BUT.......i'm going to say it anyway who describes his blogging raison d'être thus:

Desperately needing a creative outlet, and realizing that nobody cares, a dumping ground for my collective thoughts, fears, desires, complaints, delights, rants, and musings seemed to be in order. A cathartic cerebral disgorgement.

That’s what this bandwidth wastage station and time sink is about. Perhaps it will bring some focus to who I am, what I have become, and what I might be IF I choose to grow up. If you want to read and share, welcome. If you want to comment and/or email through the links provided, that’s fine - I will read them. But I really don’t care. I do this for me.

Mate, I hear what you're saying! Take a look.....good writing which is always appreciated in my little microcosm.

Second one is one I missed early on Sandhill Trek who I thought I added months ago but didn't so now I have :-) How can you not like someone with a profile pic like that!!!!!


  • John,
    Thanks for the link and the glowing comments. You and your readers are most welcome to stop by, read, and despite the "raison d'être" stated in my bio, leave comments - pro or con.
    Winston Rand

    By Anonymous Winston Rand, at 9:31 pm  

  • No worries Winston. I was going to leave a comment but I have a cookie bug that is playing havoc with Typepad comments.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 3:48 am  

  • Ahh, yes. Just another pretty face. That's me for sure! :-)

    Thanks for linking to me at Sandhill. I'll link back. How could one fail to link to someone who lives in the Blue Mountains on Planet Earth?

    By Blogger Frank, at 9:24 am  

  • thanks buddy for doing what i am too lazy to do, find interesting blogging people. more stuff to peruse and enjoy daily. good job.

    By Blogger sleepybomb, at 12:51 pm  

  • Nice job. Will have to come back often to see how this blog develops. One of my various interests includes used forklift battery and if this is of interest to you, swing on by and have a look at my used forklift battery site - has lots of information and articles of on the topic.

    By Blogger Bill888, at 4:16 pm  

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