Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Toohey's Vault Posted by Picasa

The Toohey family were beer brewers. Their name lives on via the Toohey's beer, still the favourite brand and largest selling beer in my state of New South Wales.

I think it rather fitting that one of the largest vaults in the Catholic section would be brewers!

I mentioned some of the varying hues and colours that seen come about with the ravages of time. This vault has whites, blacks, greens and light pinks all at the same time.


  • On the Tooheys website, there's a spot called The Babe. Does the fella turning to the camera really say "Don't go blind"?

    By Anonymous moff, at 11:54 am  

  • No he says "It's all good, mate" :-) Is the accent that bad?

    "It's all good" is an Australianism which has creeped in over the past few years. I believe it comes from a couple of reality TV shows where they landscape a backyard in a couple of days. Tradesmen tend to use it a lot and it crept over into the mainstream via these shows.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 6:46 pm  

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