Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weed inspector guy.....

Some weed inspector guy from the Blue Mountains City Council has peered over my back fence and found Crofton Weed (Ageratina adenophora) in my back yard. I have two months to get rid of the blighters. They were always there, I just had no idea how offensive the council rearded them. Poor unloved things.

They sent a most informative guide with the pictures of the offending plant. These things have reproductive systems underground and require the removal of the woody roots, should be a couple of days hard work. I've done this once before with a similar weedy plant with woody roots everywhere.

I might plant some roses once they are out.


  • That wallaby the other week..perhaps an undercover agent for the council? What appeared on the surface to be a potential meal on the barby turns out to be ONE OF THEM. Trust no one, Johnno.

    By Anonymous moff, at 3:08 am  

  • I did some research...

    It was introduced Australia as an ornamental, but has now become naturalized, invading pastures, reducing the carrying capacity of grazing lands, and restricting movement of animals and machines. Cattle find it unpalatable, and horses are poisoned by it. The plant spreads primarily by seed; its achenes are dispersed by wind and water, and in mud sticking to animals and equipment.

    Did they find any other illegal shrubs? hah That sort of crazy that they'd go after your back yard.

    By Anonymous Angry Sicilian, at 7:50 am  

  • Angry Sicilian answered my first question about why would anyone or any government take such an interest in a weed.

    So what happens if you don't meet their deadline? Prison? Death penalty? Banishment to an unknown off-shore island to perish?

    By Anonymous Winston, at 11:01 pm  

  • I wondered why that wallaby had a a high quality SLR camera in her pouch.....thanks for the tip Moff.

    Apparently these things send out about 10,000 seeds per plant so they spread pretty quickly, pity I thought it was a nice feature!

    Also I'm living in the middle of a National Park and they like to keep it original.

    The penalties?????? I'm not sure..... perhaps a day in the stocks in the town square having various noxious weeds species such as oxalis, lantana and opuntia flung at me by the angry masses.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 7:42 am  

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