Sunday, January 28, 2007

Turf Farms around Freemans Reach

I think this is some Buffalo Grass (Buchloe dactyloides) stretching off into the distance.

Turf Farms...........

What could possibly be exciting about turf farms? Well if they're on the floodplains of the Hawkesbury River about 70km (40 miles) from the heart of Sydney, they're in an area which was once the "food bowl" of the infant settlement. If you dig photography, the area has the lushest green colour against the pale and sometimes deep blue sky....and it's dead flat, the views go for miles.

Add to that, there was once a thriving dairy industry in the region which has given way to the more profitable agri-business of turf/grass/lawn..... call it what you like. The remnants of the one-time milk industry can still be seen in places, rotting cattle stalls, rusting milking sheds, falling apart holding yards, hay sheds on their last legs ......all decaying away as the new economy takes over. More interesting subjects for this amateur photographer.

Mike Golby and I were discussing how the light is different and harsher in the Southern Hemisphere. You'll see some sky which looks very blue and others it will seem almost pale, depending on which angle I was photographing from as UV photons streak their way through our ozone layer hole and create havoc with my northern hemisphere designed camera. The northern hemisphere conspiracy is Golby's idea......and I agree.

Anyway here's some pics. I enjoyed taking them.


  • I love your pic of the turf farm. Which camera model did you use?

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