Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wind Combs

I've done a bit of post processing work on a photo I took in October at San Sebastian (Donostia) Spain. It's in the heart of Basque territory and the artist Eduardo Chillida (Txillida in Basque) said it was one of his favourites.

It's an unusual sculpture, set in a smallish rocky cliff in La Concha bay........ rusting away 'til one day it will be gone. Nature taking its toll on art I suppose.

The pic seems to be popular on Flickr so I thought I'd post it here.


  • Perspectives:

    The permanence and subtle changing of nature and the degradation of man's grasp on the environment...environment draining the power of the former stronghold that pierces her side. As if to say to all who still believe, Hold tight my children, The Mother Prevails!

    The yearning of natural splendor, the here and now losing its grasp--the illusion of industrial progress was a ruse!

    The true nature of man yearning to be reconnected with what is real...a calling signified by slowly oxidizing fingers reaching toward the we know what is real and what is an illusion. They tried to take our knowledge from us, but once we truly observe, their words mean nothing, and only their actions convey the truth.

    Art is our ticket to freedom.

    By Anonymous Indica66, at 6:30 am  

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