Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Galah for Peter Le Other

Here we have a Galah (named by the aboriginals) or Eolophus roseicapillus (named by the scientists) which are usually found on the flat plains feasting on all manner of grass seeds. Don't very often see these in the mountains.

Lovely plumage!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Woodford Academy and Gum Tree

"Hello I'm Johnno and I'm a's been three weeks since my last post." Thanks Golby!

Woodford Academy

This was very difficult to post process, I tried about ten versions before getting a version I was semi-happy-with. Either the stars and lens flare disappeared or the sky turned a very noisy speckled sort of effect with a bright yellow gum tree due to the strong yellow spotlight.

Large version is here

I may have to go back and try again. OK I'm off to post some comments.

Woodford Academy

Woodford Academy

Three images -/+ 2EV then desaturated and given HDR treatment.

Hazelbrook Bridge

Hazelbrook Pedestrian Bridge

The new Olympus camera is wonderful for night shots. No post processing required, this is a raw image taken basking in a strong sodium street light. 4 second exposure.


Statue of Spyros Louis (the Greek with the French surname) who won the first marathon in the modern Olympiad. The statue is down at Brighton-le-Sands on Botany Bay Sydney.

Restoring Le Jardin Pt 2

Well here's the garden in Panoramic view, doesn't look like I've done much but I've dug out a heap of Fishbone Ferns (the link is from sydneyweeds dot org dot au!) which were growing wild near the maroon car. The big patch of dirt near the tree was where they were, the roots form a matted clump approximately three inches was heavy going!

I've levelled out the general area and added a couple of lavender beds and a new rose bed which was once a pond.

Garden Panorama

There's still a log to the right of this picture which will require a chainsaw taken to's pretty much immovable (or is that un-movable......I'll just say inert)

Here's a pic looking East. There's a couple of Lavendar beds. Inner bed is French Lavender and the outer one is Lace Lavender (lavandula stoechas). At present I'm just getting the bones together before doing some fine touches such as borders and levelling frames etc.