Thursday, January 20, 2005

A view from the balconey

Views from the Balconey Posted by Hello

I just had a smallish storm come through a moment ago that you sometimes get in Sydney. It was mainly all noise and bluster, a few spots of rain & not much else. Much like one of those big dogs that wimp out when you bark at them back!

It was a strange day in Sydney, there were thre storms converging into one. One from the south, another from the nor-west and another westerly. I'm not sure if they did finally meet although I heard the southerly brought hail the size of golf balls.

The above photo is the view I get from my sliding glass door when it's opened, which I took a few moments ago, post storm. A couple of big Eucalypts in the background. The crickets and frogs are coming out as it is night time. Their sounds are taking place of the birds who are going to bed and are no doubt relieved that the storm petered out. The mosquitos are also in force, so better close the insect screen!


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