Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Latest from the new Atlantis

From the supersized meals, jumbo jets and world's tallest skyscrapers desk...........

Just when you thought the Hummer was outrageously big, along come International trucks with the CXT. "The world's largest pickup". Still in a concept stage, International dealers across the USA have taken delivery of some demonstrator models. Interest is said to be quite high.

International's site proudly proclaims:

Onlookers have been known to gawk at its style and gasp at its size. You could say it's an Extreme Production Pickup Truck. Whatever you call it, the CXT leaves bystanders speechless.For drivers that want to make a statement, this is how to broadcast it. Size, power and flash brought together to create the ultimate truck for extreme work or play.Tricked out in color and chrome or any way you please, this truck is a showstopper. Better yet the CXT is the show

Another quote:
Too much truck. Yeah right.

A few statistics.

Kerbweight: 14500 lbs about 7 tonnes.
Towing capacity: About 6 tonnes
Length: 21 feet (about 7 metres)
Height 9 feet (about 3 metres).... which would be a mongrel to wax
Fuel "economy": 7mpg (33 lt/100km)
Base Model Price : About US$93,000, you can upgrade to dvd, satellite radio etc.

Heh and crude oil has just hit US$50 a barrel.

Can you imagine parking this thing at a local shopping centre? At nine feet, it won't fit in a BIG garage. Methinks it will be the new toy of rappers, footballers, rock stars and movie types.


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