Sunday, March 20, 2005

Waxing cars

I haven't written much in the past week. Mainly due to being pretty busy at work and secondly forgetting what to write. Sometimes I'm at work and I think, that would make a good observation to cast upon the internet, when I get home I can't remember what it was I was going to write.

Anyway the groom to be in my previous entry ended up with a cracked rib after his buck's day. This was unexpected as we were pretty well behaved by buck's night standards. As I said there was a lot of laughter and plenty of wiseacreing but nothing out of the ordinary in a rough and tumble sense. We were all home before 8pm and tidied up his back yard after the event (I think he found two botttle caps in the whole back yard) The groom can't even remember how he broke the rib, he thinks it may have been falling over in the bus as it braked around a corner.

Anyway I'm off to help him tomorrow shine his car up for the big day this Easter Saturday. One of life's pleasures for me and something I'm quite good at is car detailing. I'll be using the "perfect shine" method which is about a 4 or five hour process. It involves "layering" sealants and waxes on the car which gives it a really good "liquid" depth.

My interest in detailing goes back to my teens when my father had a large General Motors car with lots of bright shiny chrome and a really nice paint job, I used to enjoy cleaning it and waxing it for him. They bug never went away. I still get out from time to time and wax my own cars, the thing being is that because I do such a good job, I really don't have to do it that often. I was asked a couple of times after detailing my car if I had it resprayed!

Nevertheless I have a tub full of some of the best waxes, sealants and other finishes you can get. It's a sickness! Anyway theres a heap of us with this sickness at the website which consists of professional and enthusiast detailers. Debate is always ongoing comparing Meguairs, Zaino and some of the German brands (which I use) is best. I don't post there very often but pop in from time to time to get the latest.


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