Saturday, April 02, 2005

Inspector Lohmann

Inspector Lohmann

I checked out Inspector Loman's site counter and I seem to be sending him a little bit of traffic. Rightly so too. This is one of the better blogs I've found via the Peirrot's Folly link on the sidebar. Another good blog with a healthy dose of satire.

One wonders what the good Inspector does to earn his filthy lucre in real life? On reading his EXCELLENT article on google available here, one has visions of the genteel Inspector being a quality investigative journo(Aussie slang journalist), hobbled under the jackboot of the Asper house in his native Canada?

Or is he a disgruntled lefty academic venting his brimming spleen at the politically retarded world?

Who knows? Great blog..... and the crossing out/correction effect is subtly hilarious.

Oh and for more on the Stanford search engine experiment turned godzilla check this out at here at Google Watch. I'd inform the Inspector but his comments seem to perpetually OFF.

Google-watch is from the Mom-and-Pop outfit that gave us the excellent para-political namebase site. They used to own but the domain was bought out by some dot org organizing website.

Namebase and Google-watch are small, scratching for dough, not linked as much as they should be and......dig those funky "powered by Amiga" free and easy cartoons man!!!!!!


  • Thank you for the kind words...

    I contacted Google Watch after I wrote my article, but they didn't seem to take much interest in it.

    Don't know why you can't leave messages -- has always seemed to work fine to me.

    Got some good chuckles from the 'filthy lucre' toss off! If you must know, I do high-end computer graphic movie fx -- when I'm not sticking it to The Man, that is. The lucre may be filthy, but at least I can live with myself getting it this way...

    By Blogger Inspector Lohmann, at 11:41 pm  

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