Monday, May 02, 2005

A case where advancing technology sucks.

I decided to go for the poor man's upgrade after going through some abysmal lag as my 256meg of memory struggled with my generation-X-short-attention-span-multi-tasking type of activity.
The main thing that was killing the 256Mb was an old 4.0 version of Photoshop circa 1997 combined with Windows Media and my firewall (which is a memory PIG). Yeah, I know the Photoshop is a stone aged piece of esoterica but it was effective and helped me create some good results. It was pretty easy to use too.

So I bought the new card off e-bay and slotted it in. Boot-up was heaps quicker. Then I tried Photoshop.

Error message: There is not enough memory (RAM) to launch Photoshop.

What the?

A quick look at system status confirmed the card was doing its job. A quick look around google confirmed ye olde version of Fotoshoppe was not up to the task of memory greater than 256k, going into endless loops, buffer overruns or something. DAMN!

Some fiddling with virtual memory and configuration settings as per geeks instructions also gave no joy. Only solution upgrade or remove the extra memory. Looks like one upgrade requires another upgrade.

Last hardware upgrade saw a similar thing occur. I ended up upgrading to XP, getting a bigger hard-drive to cope with the Windows bloatware and a new power source. The box I have now is a bit like Paddy's axe (ten handles and four heads but it's still the same axe). It has had two different cases, three hard-drives, umpteen mice, a few keyboards, two monitors, two motherboards, three sets of speakers, three power systems, four or five floppy drives, infinite windows upgrades and yet it's still the same box I had in 1995.

The only original piece of equipment is a hardy inboard modem labelled by XP as a "Generic HCF Modem" which is obsolete but used as a backup if broadband goes down.


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