Monday, July 11, 2005

Drivin' up the mountain

Driving down the mountain Posted by Picasa

One of the cool things about blogging is that you get a slice of life from people living a long way away from you. It's sort of like armchair travelling seeing the world through other people's eyes.
So thought I'd return the favour, sharing some pictures I made yesterday on a trip up to Katoomba, which is a bohemian sort of town at the top of the mountains.

Katoomba is one of those weekend getaway places that the European Sydneysiders used to go to in the 1800's to escape the semi-tropical heat. It also had "health spas" and a winter with the English bite behind it, it even gets snow sometimes..... which is a novelty down here.

Sydneysider's still make the pilgrimage up there visiting The Three Sisters, cafes, bookshops, antique stores, admiring views in all directions and the like. The canyon at Katoomba apparently is the second largest in the world after the Grand Canyon and has some wonderful views. The local council here describes itself as "A City within a World Heritage Park" so wildlife is in abundance.

There's a lot to do.

I went to do my groceries at the largish supermarket and get a few pics of things I find odd and interesting along the Great Western Highway which runs from Sydney to Katoomba.

I threw on my thick denim shirt and tweed coat as it was a very blustery day with a wind chill factor getting down to minus 10 degrees. Once I was there, most people seemed pretty well rugged up with a lot of kids and Mums & Dads in wooly hats. There was snow in the air but it never dumped. The familar "sharpness" about mountain air that chills the lungs was there, I've been in other places at close to zero and the bite doesn't seem as great.

Anyway here's a few photos........


  • Really nice pictures. Austrailia was were I wanted to live when I was 18. I found out I wasn't rich enough nor did I have a "skill" that your country wanted so I never got to move there. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I appreciate seeing it through your pics.

    By Blogger Jessica Lovejoy, at 8:54 am  

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