Monday, July 04, 2005

Robert Fludds ladder in Olympic Park

OK this may seem a little odd since I've just posted a heap about hot-rods and such. We'll go away from the oil and horsepower side of things and into the spiritual side of things for a bit of variety. The two sort of go hand in hand as you may soon see.

I arrived early for the MotorEx car show and had a bit of time to spare around the ghost town of what was once the 2000 Olympic Stadium. I was taking some photos of the stadium and surrounds looking superb in the early morning light. Walking through the park I came across this 26 metre ladder. "Oh goody.", I thought as I took a photo of it, "A piece of large public art."

I went up closer to get a perspective shot of the ladder reaching up into the sky. It had six words on it, which you can see below. I did a rough translation with my rudimentary knowledge of Latin. I'd not seen these words before but they sort of corresponded to some studies I have done in Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Alchemy.

I don't know if I should write more about these subjects as it may seem I'm "pushing religion", they really aren't religion per se, as there isn't anyone at the head organizing things...... telling you what to do, crafting your opinion, imposing morals that sort of deal. You tend to find out some yourself, you also find out some from others and if you look around hard enough, there are teachers around to help you. A lot is learned from dead guys books. I suppose it could be best described as introverted spirituality using nous as the base..... difficult to explain and I could be wrong but..... it works for me.

(Did I get out of that OK?)

Anyway if you're still reading........ the words were.

Sensus, Imaginatio, Ratio, Intellectus, Intelligentia, Verbum

My latin isn't that good but it roughly translates to sense, imagination, reason (or balance), thinking (or knowledge), understanding and the last one which is a little odd...... "word". (this could refer to revelation or something....I'm not 100% sure).

So it was a sculpture describing the Hermetic path up the ladder.

So, it was a very strange piece of Hermetic/Gnostic art plonked in the centre of a very physically centred area...... a major global sporting complex. A sort of geeks and artists "up you" against the love of sport.


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