Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Power, Corruption and Lies

Senator Roark: Well, let me tell you a thing or two about power! Power doesn't come from a badge or a gun. Power comes outta lying and lying big and getting the whole damn world to play along with you. Once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain't true, you got' em trapped.

You're the boss. You can turn reality on it' s head and they' ll cheer you on. You can make a saint out of a gibbering nut case like my high and mighty brother. You can beat your wife to death with a baseball bat like I did and leave your fingerprints all the hell over it and a dozen witnesses will swear on a stack of bibles you were a thousand miles away.

There's what, maybe five hundred people in this hospital? Five hundred people and every blessed one of them would hear it if I was to pump you full of bullets. I could be standing here laughing and holding a smoking gun and I wouldn't even be arrested. I wouldn't even be arrested. I wouldn't have to say a word. They' d cover it up for me, without me even asking them to! Lies. They'd all lie for me. Every one of them who counts. They'd have to. Otherwise all their own lies - everything that runs Sin City - it all comes tumbling down like a pack of cards.

Source: Frank Miller - That Yellow Bastard (Sin City, Book 4)

Now go and read this and then read this!

We're talking one of the most powerful families on the planet here.


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