Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Microsoft may have to alter Vista

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Company of the same name cries foul following Redmond's renaming of Longhorn

Microsoft may be in trouble for naming its forthcoming operating system Vista after it transpired that the name has been registered by an American company for nearly six years.

Vista, which operates a small business internet interchange, is actually based in Microsoft's home town of Redmond. It was started in May 2000 by John Wall, the founder of Wall Data and an erstwhile investor in SCO.

"We are going to consider our options and talk to Microsoft," Wall told The Seattle Times. Vista has not yet filed suit against the software giant.

Microsoft announced the new name for its operating system on Friday and said that the first beta code would be available on 3 August.

"There is no more Longhorn; it is now officially Windows Vista," said Kevin Johnson, group vice president of Microsoft's worldwide sales, marketing and services.


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