Monday, September 12, 2005

Cat Doctor time.

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The partner in blogging crime is off to the cat doctor tomorrow. This should be fun. The Heatsink is not that fond of visiting people who shove cold things up his rectum...... come to think of it, I'm not enthralled by the idea either.

The Heatsink who is approaching 12(which makes him about 72 in human years), has had numerous visits to the vet due to his rather boisterous and devil may care attitude.

Several fights (all winners), an unsuccessful road crossing, an unsuccessful leap onto a fence resulting in a large anount of stitches, a paralysis tick and the removal of several teeth. He's the only cat I've seen CHASE a German Shepherd (Alsatian) and take on a Pit Bull and WIN. We're talking one tough as old boots cat here.

He's getting a little older and slower now but he can still scrap with the best of them. An old warrior still enjoys a good battle from time to time.

Smart too. He knows it's vet time, try to catch him and he shoots off anywhere but near me. Food doesn't work. So it's a matter of turning the heater on and placing a rather interesting box nearby. In due course the curiousity will get the better of him and "voila" the trap is set off as the lid is closed.

Then it will be a bit.... make that a LOT of yowling as he travels by car to the vet. Then a freezing up accompanied by a cold sweat. A sudden jolt as his temperature is taken and a surprising calm as he has his latest flu shot. The another spate of yowling as we head home.

Let him out and I'll get the "You bastard human" stare as he skulks away.


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