Sunday, September 04, 2005

Father's Day

I'm not a father but I've got one (some people may dispute this self proclaimed piece of singular reality)... nevertheless I rang my Dad and found myself wondering within a minute if we EVER had anything in common at all. It had it's usual awkward silences, small talk and not-much-to-say aspects that see me calling perhaps six or seven times a year.

The topic always seems to turn to the weather and cars and not much else, then fades to a rushed, "See ya later.".

So anyway, in addition to the obligatory call, I sent a text message to all those guys listed on my cell phone who were fathers. Perhaps I can relate to them better....dunno.

And to all you fathers out there...... Happy Father's Day and pray you have more in common than I do with my old man!


  • It's not Fathers Day in Blighty and I really don't mean to preach, but as you've got an open mind, take a tip from someone who felt exactly the same way with his old man ... until he suddenly died. One day your old man won't be there at all. Have a beer (or 12)with him whilst you can.

    Thanks for the great blog mate.

    By Blogger dickvandyke, at 3:50 am  

  • never occurred to me that different countries and cultures would celebrate something like Father's Day at different times. Guess that's the ugly egocentric American coming out. Sorry! Anyway here it is always the 3rd Sunday of June.

    I had a good relationship with my Dad, RIP. And I agree with dickvandyke's comment. Try to find a way for the 2 of you to settle in with a couple of pints or whatever before it's too late. Never told my Dad I loved him until he was comatose. It's not easy - but do it.

    By Anonymous Winston, at 6:23 am  

  • I work with mine six days a week. Having a family lunch at my sisters on Sunday showed me that when we are at work, it's as though we are just work colleagues. The dynamic changes utterly when we get together socially and suddenly there is a family connection. He's not a gregarious bloke though so our conversations are similar to yours.

    By Anonymous JtH, at 8:03 am  

  • Gents, thanks for the advice. Looks as if this is not a situation unique to myself and is without borders. I'm thinking I may have to utilize my writing abilities to let him know what's going on.

    BTW, I thought Father's Day was a universal date too (first Sunday in September)....apparently not.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 6:59 pm  

  • My Dad has been gone for twenty years, so I would add to the clamour of "spend time with him now" crowd. I have spent so much time with my Dad in my head since, anyway.

    I had tried the drink approach, but I was a lush, a barfly, a drunk. He was a "normie" who found, all his life, that a couple of drinks just made him sleepy! He did appreciate a good wine with a meal though. Me, tequila, vodka or Night Train or Thunderbird when down on the money.

    I actually was starting to get closer to him finally, in my thirties, when I found his ten-day dead body.

    By Blogger Peter (the other), at 2:49 pm  

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