Monday, October 24, 2005

Hotter than Satan's Underpants.

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One of the MAJOR problems I had with my old wisdom teeth was that if ever I had some seriously hot chilli, my now long gone wisdom teeth would be in pain for some time afterwards. (We're talking hours here) The capsaicin molecules from the chillies decided to recact with some rather tender nerves. It was getting so bad, that even mild capsaicin foods such as tomato sauce (ketchup) were reacting with them.

As one woman told me, "Toothaches are worse than labour pain.", so introducing chilli like chemicals to the area was just plain DUMB. My diet became blander as I went cold turkey on my regular chilli fix.

So the chilli took a break for a bit. Occasionally I forgot..... then last week I came across the above Chilli Sauce from an Indonesian woman at work. Cap Ibu Jari Jempol, I had a little bit........... deciding to put up with a mild bit of pain. I promptly ordered a bottle from her and tried it out today.

It was superb, my eyes were streaming, my nose ran, my mouth was on fire and the red hot Indonesian mixture warmed my belly. FANTASTIC! You can tell a true chilli head..... they're the one who get a little more food if there is any sauce left over.

I had a hunt around on the web for some other chilli sauces including Harry's sponsor Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce. And came across this site

It includes such sauces as Acid Rain, Anal Agony, Black Mamba, Satan's Blood Chilli Extract, etc etc

The best one isn't even a sauce but a vial of pure capsaicin powder, done up in a beautiful little bottle.

Never before offered - This Blair's collector's reserve bottle contains 16 million Scoville Units of Pure Capsicum. The tiny 1ml vial inside contains pure capsicum crystals, hottest element known to man. Nothing in the world could get hotter then this 16 Million Reserve. Be among the few to get one of these limited edition bottles. No more the 999 of Blair's 16 Million Reserve will be produced. Still don't think it's hot? Check out the 16 Million Reserve product review on

And a hint with chilli, if it gets too hot don't drink water. It doesn't dissolve the capsaicin molecules, they are insoluble in H2O. Try something with alcohol or fat (milk or a yogurt lassi) which will take those capsaicin things away in an alcohol or fat solution and leave your palate clear for the next wave of chilli.


  • I don't see no stinkin' adsense, your four shit. Why donna' you take this very expensive hot stuff deep in your spammer soul!

    :-) I love yelling at machines. Guilt free! Now for some spanking hot chili!

    By Blogger Peter (the other), at 10:13 am  

  • Head on over to Think Geek and buy yourself a t-shirt with the capsaicin molecule on the front:

    I love geeks, they is so cool.

    By Blogger unique_stephen, at 11:57 am  

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