Sunday, March 26, 2006

Boot camps for the elderly...... or the ugliest parrot in nature.

J Alva ScruggsMr Juke Moran at UFO breakfast has posted a boot camp solution for those pesky elderly.

Pros/Cons include:

  • Reality videos of actual boot-camp discipline scenes and terminal failures would be instructive for all age groups, and vicariously cathartic for the young and middle-aged fit / Would at least temporarily create bands of the outlaw old resistant to the idea - possibly violently, leading to increase in social chaos
  • Would elevate Darwinian fact above the fictions of caritas and compassion / Might produce a super-predator reaction in the young once they understand that's what's ahead for them

  • In a useful segueway, first thing this morning one of oldest, ugliest Sulphur Crested Cockatoos landed on my balcony, gleefully snapped at once!

    ScruggsMoran's theory won't work as evidenced above. Even Darwinism in it's purest form sometimes lets the decrepid, unsightly ones slip through the cracks.....

    Edited by Johnno on Monday after dicovering his faux pas in comments.


    • It's not my work! I didn't write that! Though one can't help but applaud the sentiments, of course. It was the work of my co-blogger, Mr. Juke Moran.

      By Blogger J Alva Scruggs, at 7:48 am  

    • Damn..... second time over the past couple of weeks I've made that mistake. I'll edit it

      By Blogger Johnno, at 11:17 am  

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