Sunday, April 16, 2006


Yeah I know this book quiz is really old, I actually did it a couple of months ago but..........I'm actually reading this at the moment.

You're 1984!

by George Orwell

You have this uncanny feeling that you're always being watched. Thus life has become a bit of a show as you try to portray yourself as much more reputable than you actually are. All around you, people seem to accept an unending stream of lies and propaganda without flinching. Your only hope may be a star-crossed love affair, but pain seems stonger than love. If you have any older brothers, be very wary of them.

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  • I took the quiz twice and it had different questions, which I answered honestly both times. First time it came out "Les Miserables", second time "1984". Go figger! Since Orwell is one of my all time favorite authors, think I will go with that one.

    By Anonymous Winston, at 9:58 pm  

  • I had the 1984 result in times past.

    Was in the Avid Reader in Brisbane and was either going to pick up Orwell's complete works which was a surprisingly slim volume or 1984. The cheapskate in me picked up 1984. Was mildly depressed on the plane trip home!

    By Blogger Johnno, at 6:38 am  

  • I have my result posted now with a head-nod to you.

    By Anonymous Winston, at 8:21 am  

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