Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Power to the people III

There's all sorts of side activities going on around the mines and power stations. This is a little truck with what looks like welding gear and a piece of electric componentry taken out of somewhere, complete with a metal frame and lifting slings.

There were a lot of these little trucks getting around with the red flags. The flags were a visual device to prevent trucks getting squashed by the big dump trucks. Some don't get away like this photo taken in the United States. You can see his little red flag with the cross on it, just under the dump trucks front wheel.....looks as if they don't work as intended all the time.

Here's a photo of one of theose HUGE dump truck tyres on the back of a semi trailer. One wonders how long it takes to change one of these tyres and where they are dumped when no longer useful?

Are they send back for re-treading or do they end up in land fill............ or do they hang them on Sequoia tress to make giant tyre swings for mutant giant children?


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