Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Power to the people VI

Cooling Tower at Musswellbrook coal power plant.

No it ain't nuclear, we don't have nuclear power plants in Australia....although certain politicians are looking at selling off clean Hydro electric plants and building nuclear ones. Apparenly the nuclear plants are cleaner (still trying to work out the logic behind that one) .

Of course nuclear plant support comes with a little help from the USA.

The US supports Australia going into the enrichment business. The US President, George Bush, has proposed a global nuclear energy partnership. The basic idea is that reliable and politically stable countries, such as Australia and Canada, would become suppliers of enriched uranium to other nations.

The rationale is that world security can be improved by making it unnecessary for new entrants into the nuclear power world to develop enrichment facilities. That would reduce the number of handling steps and facilities required to operate a power program, and would simplify the task of verifying compliance with treaties and protocols.

Sounds like an oligopoly to me.


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