Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Xmas Reading

Godel Escher and Bach by Hofstadter. I first came across this whilst sharing a house with an IBM hacker. I thumbed through it in the early 90's and my brain went into meltdown, perhaps I'm ready for it now.....I dunno. It promises to be challenging and thought provoking. I'll see if I'm capable of wading through it this time round. An aquaintance from the States sent me a lovely old dog-eared copy that had been obviously well used and at one time well loved.

Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson by Georges Gurdjieff. Currently on my second "reading as if you are reading to another person" pass which is solid going in this 1200+ page book. Seems to be touching something. Gurdjieff recommended reading it three times, once as you would normally read a book, again reading it as you were reading to someone else and the third pass to think about what he is saying. This way the book is read through the three centres: doing, feeling and thinking.

I-Ching or book of changes by Richard Wilhelm. Haven't really gotten into the rationale and meaning behind the I-ching and I believe this to be a good start. Foreward by Carl Jung so it can't be that bad. Picked this copy up at the wonderful Gertrude and Alice bookshop in Bondi.

Modern Text Book of astrology by Margaret Hone. I'll just be browsing this, however it seems to be quite good, well researched and minus a lot of the fluff one finds in most atrological books.


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