Monday, February 05, 2007

The New Volvo 240 Wagon

From Sheeshoo on Flickr.

You used to see swarms of these in semi-affluent suburbs in days gone by. Leafy suburbs where Vicky and Justin went to the right private school in prep for law/medical school, tennis on Wednesday at Pru's house (with cucumber sandwiches), a charity committe meeting on Thursday and perhaps go and watch the boys playing rugby over the road on Saturday. Hubby was either in a company supplied 7 class Beemer, Porsche or an Alfa.

The Volvo was a big safe box to haul the attorneys of the future in.

I was around leafy Willoughby this afternoon and didn't spot too many Volvo wagons. However the BMW X5 seemd to be in profusion. I spotted around 7 of 'em.


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