Sunday, January 30, 2005

Paypal in Australian Dollars.... Woohoo

Paypal has gone to Australian dollars which is a good thing. No more screwing around listing e-bay items on US ebay, attaching the paypal details later on, then losing a fair chunk of the profit in international currency fees.

Anyway they've given me a "Premier" account with a rating of (1), that equate to only 1 transaction! All my past paypal transactions apparently don't count :-)

Their start up fees at the launch of are good to start with at the "honeymoon" rate. Of course time will see them slowly creep up.

Nevertheless they have a good service for transferring money overseas, although I do have friends whose Paypal account was suspended for "objectionable" material to do with the current Iraqi mess. This cost them dearly and they had to go with another service.


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