Sunday, January 23, 2005

Rain, more rain and dumb laws.

Rain, Rain, more rain Posted by Hello

There's more rain today in Sunny Australia!

There's also ongoing thunder rolling overhead, which woke me up at 9am this morning.

According to the powers that be we are on water restrictions due to rainfall shortages in the state. However, where I live is fairly mountainous and has had something like 20 inches of rain over the past 12 months. An ABOVE average year. BUT...... because I'm in the "Sydney footprint" apparently we're all in the same boat.

Now due to above mentioned water restrictions...... I'm not able to wash my car using a hose. But I CAN use a bucket and sponge. It's a $200 fine if I use just the hose. And get this.....I can use a hose to fill up the bucket!!!!

I worked it out, I'd use more water using the bucket and sponge and it takes longer.
It's kind of silly, I have a hose with a stop/start valve at the nozzle so I fill up the bucket with the hose. And then wash and rinse the car with said bucket. And rinsing with a bucket is sooooooo ineffective.

I think the idea is to stop people from using a bucket to the sheer hassle of it. There are roving Sydney Water "Inspectors" fining those "wasting water", slapping $200 fines left right and centre.

Anyway, I'm was reading another Manly Palmer Hall book which describes different sorts of ineffective laws . He says:

"The Greek law giver, Solon, declared that in the ideal State, laws are few and simple, because they have been derived from certainties. In the corrupt state, laws are many and confused, because they have been derived from uncertainties. These corrupt laws are like the web of a spider which catches small insects but permits the stronger creatures to break through and escape."

"Where there are many laws there is much lawlessness, and men come to despise and ridicule the restraints that are imposed upon freedom of action. Corrupt laws, resulting from the efforts to amend inadequate legislation by further inadequate legislation, reveal a general ignorance of right and wrong. Where such ignorance exists, the ideal function of democracy is impossible, and liberty denigrates into license."

Seems to descibe my car-washing with a bucket situation perfectly!


  • yeah, it really does...look at my country with all its laws and is like telling a child no all the time..then they tend to push those buttons just for reaction's sake.

    By Blogger OurHealingHands Incentives, at 4:26 am  

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