Sunday, March 20, 2005

Template Change

I just had to change my template as it seems to be chopping off the sidebar and putting it down the bottom if one uses M$ IE6. Firefox seems to be ok. WEIRD! I'm able to edit posts from Firefox but not IE6...... yet another reason to use the Mozilla stuff :-)

I tried a variety of templates in "untampered" with mode and it seemed to do the sidebar chop in IE6 with the majority of them. This was the only one that seemed to work. I thought it was some of my hapless cut and pasting of links but it sems to be based from the original template.

Now I gotta figure out how to get my little infinity logo up in the header.


  • i just got a really good css book and am gonna really knuckle down and do it right.
    but the problem is with ie. i don't even try to code for ie anymore. put up a disclaimer w/ a link to firefox. soon we'll take over the web. i never use ie is a dinosaur. ms is losing a lot more everyday. they better wake up on ie7 . . .
    oh yeah, thanks for dropping by the wreckroom . . .
    keep 'em flying!

    By Blogger sleepybomb, at 1:20 pm  

  • Yeah thing is, you got to make allowances for those IE folks. I was one up until about 12 months ago.

    Heh, good luck with the CSS stuff.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 1:29 pm  

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