Monday, June 06, 2005

I'm in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

I'm in an Alfred Hitchcock movie

Low res shot with a camera phone. Uploaded to the PC via IrDA (Infra Red Device Association).

Which reminds me if you have bluetooth perhaps you should think of the security concerns.

Adam Shostack who is in the computer security side of business always has informed and interesting news on the security vs privacy front. (Another great blog via Harry's world of interesting links. ) If you read anything vaguely connected to security or privacy in the mainstream media, Adam has probably covered a few days and in some cases weeks previously.

He has a good article on bluetooth vs Infra Red transmission of data. Line of sight is important via IrDA whereas Bluetooth transmits everywhere. I can vouch for that, the IrDA can be sometimes a little finicky to set up.

The police at Bondi Beach, Sydney used the Bluetooth vulnerability to catch some guys using mobile phone cameras taking photos of topless bathers and transmitting the photos to friends nearby. If you are transmitting via Bluetooth via mobile phone, the signal is received by other units in receive mode.


  • You have toplesss bathers in Oz? Females? That's it I'm moving.

    By Blogger Brian, at 6:54 am  

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