Monday, October 10, 2005

Where to attack next?

Where to attack next Posted by Picasa

The satirical CNNN team from Australia hit the streets of the USA and posed the question, "Who should the USA attack next?"

Respondents were then asked to place a pin where the country was located on the globe. It didn't help that Australia was marked as "Iran".

via Signs of the Times


  • Hahahahaha

    By Anonymous Angry Sicilian, at 6:15 am  

  • I hope this doesn't mean we're going to attack you all :-(

    By Blogger Deleted, at 7:53 am  

  • are ya sure that isn't the white house map they were showing? i don't think those clowns know where they hell they are much lest aus ...time for some backyard shelters in the outback!

    By Blogger sleepybomb, at 12:18 pm  


    Video is there.. so ashamed.

    By Anonymous Angry Sicilian, at 4:37 am  

  • Apparently it's doing the rounds of the Aussie chain mail lists. Johnny the Horse recived it yesterday.

    Be afraid Australia, be very afraid!

    By Blogger Johnno, at 8:21 pm  

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