Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Wreckroom turns One.

Just one of the reasons I keep going back, Sleepy thinks he can't write that well but I always get a good read over at the Wreckroom.

so, anyways, we made it to a still battered, but very vibrant metry. it seems to be getting up and about, if just a little slowly. but not as slow as new orleans proper. parts of the city look just as they have right after katrina. it is heartbreaking to see. what the fuck happened to 'whatever it takes, as long as it takes'? guess we are not in the sights of the bush plan to build nations. it's only a few months before the next hurricane season. and nobody really cares, unless you're there. but then if you had a house in the worst parts, you ain't there at all. there are miles upon miles of debris and destruction. no rebuilding, no thought of it. it really feels like the city of the dead. the city that care forgot. what a cryin' fuckin' shame. it is heartbreaking to see.

He's got the usual excellent article about a musician/band (Paul McCartney this week) with some obscure tracks posted from his collection of tonnes of vinyl. This guy has more knowledge of things musical in his little finger than most!

Happy blogging birthday mate!


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