Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Steam Train Water Tower Murray Mallee Posted by Picasa


  • Oh so THAT'S what those things are. I've seen a few in my time and never twigged that they were simply water towers.

    By Anonymous Flashman, at 8:34 pm  

  • Imposing looking things aren't they! I'm sure they'll be there in another 200 years or so.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 4:07 am  

  • That must be an Aussie design. All the ones I remember seeing in the US are round tanks. The old ones were wooden staves like barrels were made from, and the newer ones were round metal tanks. What material are these tanks? They look like molded plastic or fiberglass. Are they still in use? Ours have probably all been torn down or collapsed on their own from old age. They've gone the way of the steam engines themselves. Sad...

    By Anonymous Winston, at 4:41 am  

  • I think it's really thick cast iron painted with primer and rivetted together. The posts are thick rivergums.

    I think the design is unique to here. Not sure, I'm not much of a train buff.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 4:52 am  

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