Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gamma Testing

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Monitor died this morning. PPPPPhhhhzzzztt-ing and sputtering as some sort of electronic thing tried to fire electrons at the CRT tube. The poor old circa 1995 Digital (Inc) 14" beige-grey unit decided to pack it in.

So I went down to the Pawn shop and got a newish 17" job in BLACK... boy.

Setting it up, I looked at some of my photos from Benzacrossoz and tried a couple of them on for size as the background. It just didn't look right, either washed out, too blue, too yellow, too dark.

Decided to calibrate the monitor.

I've done a couple of tests.

Good one here, which is really basic and sets up the gamma just right.

I then fiddled with the brightness and contrast controls to get whites and blacks all OK. The colour seems fine.

I also tried this guy but it was too damn complicated although there is a good test photo on the page which gives an indication of how things should be.

Ended up setting my monitor gamma to 1.0 and adjusted the brightness and contrast.

The end result on this page shows that my gamma is actually 2.15....... go figure.

Now the above pic is my background and it looks as if I'm still near that paddock near Manildra, central New South Wales, just before a big rain. The above photo looks kind of dark on this page but if you click it for a higher res. shot, it seems to "jump out" a bit more. A strange photo, untouched with any photoshop wizardry.


  • Recently I have setup several dual flat-panel monitors for customers. 17", 19" and one 20". Talk about some pixels, baby! It is so cool having Firefox up on one monitor and Thunderbird or PhotoShop or whatever on the other, all visible at the same time. When I grow up I'll have one also. Maybe even a quad!

    By Anonymous Winston, at 12:13 am  

  • Still trying to work out how you guys do that. Alas, my desk at the moment is only big enough for one!

    By Blogger Johnno, at 9:41 am  

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