Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The times they are a changin'

Golby..... pens another winner.

Thirty years ago, were the same person to have told the average South African that a 15-floor banner on the side of the NasPers building would welcome the Russian president to Cape Town, they might have died of injuries sustained slipping on a bar of soap while showering during a stint of detention without trial.

And the average South African would have regarded them as nuts worthy of an end befitting weirdos contaminated by Marxist ideology. Whatever might have happened to the harbinger of such news, the 'average' South African would not have believed him or her anyway.

I'm a blogger and, therefore, not your average South African. I am also a Catholic, a professional and a hard man to boot. [bold mine:Johnno :-) ] Had anybody — and I mean anybody — told me that Nasionale Pers would one day host the state visits of Chinese President Jiang Zemin and Russian President Vladimir Putin, I would have smiled. Why? Because I understand these things.


  • I do admit to it at the end, Johnno. There's a certain "I told you so" relish in that post. History might take its time but, as Bob so correctly points out: Things Have Changed.

    By Blogger Mike Golby, at 7:55 am  

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