Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lawn Bowls Club

Here's some photos from up the mountains around Hazelbrook. (up 300mtrs altitude, up about 15kms by road and up about 15 mins by car) .

The above is the Hazelbrook Bowling and Sporting Club. Main activity is Lawn Bowls which remains the bastion of those usually elderly Australians with a bit of a sporting streak left in them. Think a) ten pin bowling under the influence of b)Mandrax played on c) grass as smooth as a billiard table. The more competetive grades go all out for the flag, the less competetive have a beer on either end waiting for them.

If I ever take up lawn bowls, I'll be the guy drinking beers from the sidelines.


  • Nice to see some shots of our neighbourhood - you wouldn't have seen any children's play equipment in Gloria Park because some nasty, mean spirited, illegitimates burnt it down last year! Probably cousins to the ones that burnt the pavilion down.
    Did you catch the 'ducks crossing' signs?

    By Blogger Kate, at 10:12 pm  

  • Missed the "ducks crossing" sign. Might get that one on the next trip!

    There will be a few more trips to Gloria Park no doubt, wondering how it got the name Gloria..... some sort of regal connection perhaps?

    By Blogger Johnno, at 8:11 pm  

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