Sunday, August 05, 2007

THE SPP from Moff

Moff muses. Same stuff is being tried in Sydney during the Apec Summit. Closing down the whole damn city.
I dunno the paranoia in the "free world" seems to be catching.

Concrete fence to encircle Sydney for APEC
Thursday Aug 2 06:00 AEST

By ninemsn staff

A huge concrete wall will be built around Sydney's CBD in a bid to protect potential targets from terrorists and protestors during next month's APEC meetings.

Dubbed the "ring of steel", the 2.8m high concrete-reinforced fence will shield well-known businesses such as McDonald's and Starbucks amid fears they could be attacked by demonstrators.

Cranes will begin installing the fence around the Hotel Inter-Continental at the corner of Bridge and Macquarie Sts over five days from August 31. The wall will surround much of the city's center, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The idea of dividing a city with concrete is reminiscent of the Berlin Wall, an iconic symbol of the Cold War which split the European city for 28 years.

The wall is just one of several radical security measures being taken ahead of US President George W Bush's arrival in Sydney on September 5 for the annual summit.

As Bush's presidential motorcade makes its way through the city, a helicopter equipped with signal-jamming equipment will shut down mobile phone calls in the area to cut down the risk of a remote control bomb.

Forty permanent loudspeakers are being installed around the city to inform residents what to do in the event of a terrorist attack.

Police have bought a $600,000 water cannon for use if protests get violent and more than 30 buses will serve as mobile detention cells.

Chief executive officer of the NSW Business Chamber Kevin MacDonald said the decision to build the wall is understandable.

"Given the experience of other major meetings of world leaders in recent years, I can understand why the police have decided to erect a temporary fence," Mr MacDonald said.

"The fence is temporary and hopefully will not be needed."


  • Sheesh. These people are infantilized control freaks. The primary goal of western civilization is to make sure anal retentive tantrum people never have to grow up.

    By Blogger Scruggs, at 1:09 am  

  • I'll see if I can gather a list of the on going 'security measures" at this gig.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 1:03 pm  

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