Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oaks, Kermes, Worms, AA and Things Red

This is a case where intuition(????), muddied thinking and a bit of let's-see-where-this-takes-us took me on an interesting journey this morning.

I was filing through my saved pages folder and came across the Universite Tangente diagram which has a page called "Rothschilds". It's an incredibly detailed map of the cross-fertilization and networking that goes on from this one very wealthy and powerful family.

They have similar diagrams for those interested in other powerful organizations.

There was a strange link from the Rothschild family to a blacked out face merely named "Worms".

A bit of googling revealed that "Worms" was the surname of a the man who married Amchel Rothschild's eldest daughter. A little bit more looking around revealed that this family took its name from the town of Worms in Germany. Worms in German pronounced Vawmss. A few articles claim that the root of this word is from the Latin Wormatia.

OK another tangent here.....For some reason of late I've come across people from the A:.A:. crowd hereafter desrcibed as the alfalfa club (alpha-alpha get it?) on the net so I was trying various combinations using aa, worms, alfalfa, Germany, Rothschild etc as there seemed to be a "feeling" something may be there.

Whilst I was searching for Amschel Rothschild on google a mistakenly typed aalchemel, I've done a little bit of alchemic work so more than likely the synapses were't firing 100%......the caffeine and nicotine hadn't really kicked in yet.

So.......taking this as a "sign" I decided to look around at alfalfa, alchemy and worms.

I came across the "Arabic Words used in English" page.

Alchemy is said to come from the word al-keemiyaa (from disputed origins; possibly Greek)

Alfalfa is said to come from arabic al-fasfasa or the fodder. It would be interesting to find out what the root fas means. Just as the word alfalfa has two A's or AA fasfasa seems to have has two phonetic F's.

A search of the page revealed that the "worms" reference, referred to the word

"Kermes" from the root Sanskrit krim-ja. (Worm produced.). This was interesting because I've seen references to the word alchemy coming from the form "al-kermes".

Fulcanelli writes about this which I shall get into later.

Kermes : A red dyestuff once prepared from the dried bodies of various female scale insects of the genus Kermes.

A further search on kermes, alchemy and then took me to some another intersting word.

Vermilion / Vermillion [n. ver-MIL-yun]
The color vermilion is bright red, also known as chinese red or cinnabar. There is also the pigment vermilion, which is bright red mercuric sulfide, also called cinnabar.
Another word for bright red color is vermeil, a word imported from Old French that happens to also be a root of vermilion. That word came out of Latin, from vermiculus (a little worm), the diminutive of vermis (worm).

How did a little worm lead to redness? The worm in question was the red larva of a kind of insect (Coccus ilicis) that was used to create red dye. This insect, the kermes (oak tree) scale, passed its name into Spanish as cremesin, which later passed into English as another red color name, crimson.

So we appear to have come full circle.

Vermillion- vermiculus-vermis-worm-kermes-crimson.

I was at a seminar last year where a practising alchemist was asked the question. What is the significance of Fulcanelli's references to the "oak". From some hastily scribbled notes in the back of the book I'll try to recall the reasoning. I knew abouth the Druidic Oc/Ogham connection but was unaware of some of the other relationships.

His reasoning went like this. :

Oak relates to kermes (as we have found out above, the kermes insect (oak tree scale))

Oak is similar sounding to Oca which is spanish for Goose. Oca can also mean duck footed. A gooses footprint looks like three lines meeting at a point. Known as a tribann. The three lines can be also said to represent the salt, mercury, sulphur elements of alchemy.

I found out later that a triple ring makes up the kermes structure

The three lined figure developed into a shell motif which can be found in many cathedrals. They are most noted above religous figures heads or behind the figure itself.

The shell (coquille) is also found on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage trail which was occurring both times I have been to France in August.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Dumbest spam header of the day.........

******Authentic Replica Rolex Watches***********

How does one tell an authentic replica from a non-authentic one?????

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Too damn tired.......

To write anything tonight. Oh.... I just did.

Well then......


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Latest from the new Atlantis

From the supersized meals, jumbo jets and world's tallest skyscrapers desk...........

Just when you thought the Hummer was outrageously big, along come International trucks with the CXT. "The world's largest pickup". Still in a concept stage, International dealers across the USA have taken delivery of some demonstrator models. Interest is said to be quite high.

International's site proudly proclaims:

Onlookers have been known to gawk at its style and gasp at its size. You could say it's an Extreme Production Pickup Truck. Whatever you call it, the CXT leaves bystanders speechless.For drivers that want to make a statement, this is how to broadcast it. Size, power and flash brought together to create the ultimate truck for extreme work or play.Tricked out in color and chrome or any way you please, this truck is a showstopper. Better yet the CXT is the show

Another quote:
Too much truck. Yeah right.

A few statistics.

Kerbweight: 14500 lbs about 7 tonnes.
Towing capacity: About 6 tonnes
Length: 21 feet (about 7 metres)
Height 9 feet (about 3 metres).... which would be a mongrel to wax
Fuel "economy": 7mpg (33 lt/100km)
Base Model Price : About US$93,000, you can upgrade to dvd, satellite radio etc.

Heh and crude oil has just hit US$50 a barrel.

Can you imagine parking this thing at a local shopping centre? At nine feet, it won't fit in a BIG garage. Methinks it will be the new toy of rappers, footballers, rock stars and movie types.

The Big Trout Motor Inn

Below you'll find some pictures of my recent trip on Monday.

Here's the Big Trout that lives outside the Motor Inn as you enter Oberon. The Rotary club has a meeting here "on a Tuesday" at 6:30pm (7:00pm during daylight savings).

Clouds in Katoomba Valley

Here are some clouds in the early morning sweeping below the Echo Point lookout at Katoomba.

The valley is said to be the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in the USA. With all the trees it doesn't look that big compared to the barren one in the US.


Driving through rainforest has to be one of the most pleasant experiences in the world. I was surprised to find some rainforest on my drive to Megalong valley which was through some pretty twisty roads down the Blue Mountains cliffs.

Ferns, bubbling streams, chirping birds, rotten old monstrous tree trunks and OXYGEN were in abundunce.

Dead Tree

Here's a picture of a dead tree clinging to the side of an embankment. It looks as if it was hit by a bushfire in times past. Usually the Australian native trees grow shoots in a Lazarus like way after a bushfire. This one didn't quite make it!

The bushfires actually assist in the propagating of new growth on most Aussie trees. Some varieties of seeds don't germinate unless they have been heated, others don't germinate unless there is ash present in the soil. Aboriginals in times past used controlled burning to assist the environment from a long term perspective which it has taken Europeans 200 years to catch on to. Controlled burns now take place in winter to reduce undergrowth (fuel) buildup.

James Cook's ship journals in around 1770 described Australia as "The great burning continent" when he sailed southward.

The virgin Mer and the Initiate

The virgin Mer and the Templar

The above is a photo which I took in the Mossaic Cathedral in the south of France. Cathedrals are like "big books" if you go to the right ones. Chatres, Auch, Notre Dame and Mossaic are a few which have esoteric symbols preserved by long gone stone masons. Fulcanelli discussed a few of these in his book "The Mystery of the Cathedrals".

There are a series of reliefs as you enter the church portal (door). On the Left hand side are the earthly delights money and sex. On the right hand side are the more spiritual pursuits and realizations. It reflects the right hand path and the left hand path of initiation. The above is one of the reliefs on the right hand side.

In the alchemical and initiatory circles, life energy is said to come from the "Virgin's milk" or the great mother and here is a pictorial representaion of this. The "virgin" Mary is pointing here exposed breast towards the solar plexus of the initiate templar which he also has exposed.

Note that both also have their knees exposed. I'm unsure of the symbolism of this but it could have something to so with Capricorn who rules the knees. Capricorn also heralds the beginning of new yearly cycle on our calendar. The Freemasons are also big on the "exposed knee" symbolism.

Lara Knight Jadczyk has put and article up The true identity of Fulcanelli, The four elements of the Da Vinci Code.

This article explains some of the symbolism used in esoteric circles and includes some photos from Auch cathedral which looks at similar sybolism to the above.

Monday, February 21, 2005

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Vale: Hunter S Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson found dead
By Times Online

Hunter S. Thompson, the American author and journalist died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in Colorado on Sunday.

The 67-year-old hero of counter culture and creator of "gonzo journalism", best known for his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, was found by his son Juan on Sunday evening according to the Aspen Daily News. Thompson's wife, Anita Thompson, 32, was reportedly not at home when the shooting occurred.

"On February 20, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson took his life with a gunshot to the head at his fortified compound in Woody Creek, Colorado. The family will provide more information about memorial service and media contacts shortly. Hunter prized his privacy and we ask that his friends and admirers respect that privacy as well as that of his family," Juan and Anita Thompson said in a statement released to the Aspen Daily News. "He stomped terra."

"The sheriff’s department can confirm the apparent death by a self-inflicted gunshot wound of Hunter S. Thompson at his home," said Tricia Louthis, a spokeswoman for the Pitkin County sheriff’s department in the western American state of Colorado.

Thompson's life and extraordinary drug-inspired adventures were brought to the screen in a film of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, starring Johnny Depp.

Gone Walkabout

walk·a·bout (wôk'ə-bout')
  1. Australian. A temporary return to traditional Aboriginal life, taken especially between periods of work or residence in white society and usually involving a period of travel through the bush.
Today I went walkabout getting sick of my life in the unit. Yeah it's nice but sometimes one has to get out, see new things and meet new people. I actually enjoy the solitary life but on occasions, it gets a bit much.......

I headed out to Katoomba which was 20 minutes drive and saw the second largest canyon in the world. It was a little cloudy and the clouds were in the valley below the lookout. I then perused an antique/ rare book shop and decided to hold onto my money as they were a rip off. I mean $25 for an old G-shock digital watch that still sells for a couple of bucks is a bit much.

I then decided to head out to Oberon, taking a leftturn off on the Great Western Highway. The country changed from rocky to soft rolling green hils and then to pine and eucalypt forest.There I saw some new growth and cleared forests and a very large "moulded wood" factory. Also was a couple of enormous wind generators perched on top of a hill which I took a picture of. They were amazing, swishing around and speeding up as the wind increased. Marvellous engineering.

The country looked good after some decent rain and the cattle were pretty well fed. Most of the cockies(farmers) in town seemed to have new four wheel drives and utilities. So it must have been a pretty good year.

In Oberon I managed to get a snap of the "Big Trout Motor Inn" complete with a big trout at the front. I had a meat pie at the local bakery, it was pretty ordinary.

Then I travelled back through to Lithgow via Portland. Here was a lot of coal mining as well as two rather large coal stations. Portland proudly proclaims' The town that built Sydney" due to the one time cement works there, of course in these days of a level playing field, they've long shut down. The new industries seem to be coal mining, power, tourism and composite timber.

One thing I noticed was the change in soil from Oberon to Lithgow. Oberon has great "terrarossa" soil which would be superb for grape growing given the right climate. It was bright red with all that extra iron in it, Lithgow had band of black and cream from shale, coal and linestone sediments. Stopped at the Lithgow workers club for a cold beer.

Then it was down along the Bells Line of Road to Blackheath and down to Megalong Valley which saw me driving through some rainforest. I had a coffee at the teahouse. Then drove back up the winding road to home.

A rather pleasant day out.

Company Policy

So yesterday I was at work, it's a large mutinational based in the UK with layers and layers of heirachy. I dwell near the bottom which is actually quite good by me. Thanks to to the elegatarian nature of the Australian wage system, I'm doing OK. Blue collar jobs such as refinery workers, the food industry and car manufacture still seem to pay OK, although the tide is changing under the guise of "rationalism".

It's one of those shrinking blue collar jobs that actually pay well. However the job pool is decreasing as skills become more highly technical. For example the increase in robotics and automation means that the production line I take care of only requires 8 people. In the 70's it would have required double that and the 50's probably 40.

The nature of the "new workplace" reuires a few of us who share a computer and logging in and the end of a shift. I was checking my e-mail which seems to be a few job opportunities and some miscellaneous guff about national holidays in the Asia-Pacific region. Occasionally the big cheeses give a "state of nation" schpiel which can be entertaining. I fired off a reply seeking to clarify what the various acronyms and jargon actually meant, and received an apologetic letter from the CEO's secretary.

On Friday my e-mail wouldn't work. I was able to log onto the workstation and the company platform but was unable to retrieve my mail. So I rang technical services.

It was answered by a British woman. "Whats your IDR"(or something like that), she asked. "My what?", I replied. She told me to click on an ICON in my sys tray and tell her the number.

In a few moments I was spinning out as she took control of my computer remotely. She fixed the problem and then changed my background back to the XYZ Pty Ltd sanctioned wallpaper. Previously it was a photo of a lovely castle in France. Nothing offensive or out of the ordinary. The XYZ company is doing a promotinoal thing with the Disney/Pixar "The Incredibles" and had "Incredibles" wallpaper.

"I'll have to change this back to the original background." She said.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Because it is company policy", was the answer.

"Why is it company policy?"

"IT'S COMPANY POLICY." came back an icy British reply again.

So I had come across a Sysadmin drone. Doing things by the book and not questioning why. I remember when computer types at a company were mavericks in a way, subverting "the man" in little ways wherever possible. Sadly it was not to be the case today.
Another dumb rule in action.

Now when I log on, the wallpaper is "The Incredibles" but I can still change it to what I want during the session. However it defaults back to the "company policy" sanctioned wallpaper. This is only on this PC, on others, my usual wallpaper shows up.

A search on the internet will try to remedy this today!

Again I'll quote Manly Palmer Hall

"The Greek law giver, Solon, declared that in the ideal State, laws are few and simple, because they have been derived from certainties. In the corrupt state, laws are many and confused, because they have been derived from uncertainties. These corrupt laws are like the web of a spider which catches small insects but permits the stronger creatures to break through and escape."

"Where there are many laws there is much lawlessness, and men come to despise and ridicule the restraints that are imposed upon freedom of action. Corrupt laws, resulting from the efforts to amend inadequate legislation by further inadequate legislation, reveal a general ignorance of right and wrong. Where such ignorance exists, the ideal function of democracy is impossible, and liberty denigrates into license."

In this instance I'm the fly who has been caught in the web.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Safety Tips From Anubis

Language warning for those with sensitive eyes.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Mrs Mosquito vs Mr Blackie


Well it's another one of those Sydney late summer nights and I have left the screen door open so the black cat can go outside and then get bored with that and come back in. This goes on several times. Trying to dissuade him from this activity by closing the screen door, makes him only more determined to scratch it until you open it. Damage to the screen door at the base can attest to Mr Blackie's determination.

After all he's a cat.

A well aimed rolled up *small* piece of paper sent in his direction followed by him running away, results in aloofness for a couple of days. And we're talking about a prettty aloof feline in the first place.

So the cat wins again.

So...... the screen door was left open for Mr Blackie......AND IN CAME THE MOSQUITOS. I always seem to forget about the mosquitos.

DAMN! Now my ankles are itchy, being the only unexposed part of me.

So being curious about mosquitos I went to the howstuffworks website after a brief google search and found out some stuff about mozzies (as we call 'em downunder).

Mosquitoes are insects that have been around for over 30 million years. And it seems that, during those millions of years, mosquitoes have been honing their skills so that they are now experts at finding people to bite. A mosquito has a battery of sensors designed to track their prey, including:

* Chemical sensors - mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide and lactic acid up to 100 feet (36 meters) away. Mammals and birds gives off these gases as part of their normal breathing. Certain chemicals in sweat also seem to attract mosquitoes (people who don't sweat much don't get nearly as many mosquito bites).
* Visual sensors - if you are wearing clothing that contrasts with the background, and especially if you move while wearing that clothing, mosquitoes can see you and zero in on you. It's a good bet that anything moving is "alive", and therefore full of blood, so this is a good strategy.
* Heat sensors - Mosquitoes can detect heat, so they can find warm-blooded mammals and birds very easily once they get close enough.

Which tells me once one is inside......I'm a goner.

Later in the piece I found out that only female mosquitos do the blood sucking (the males must be at home watching football) and the itching is due to their saliva being attacked by our immune system as it breaks down the proteins. Add to this, the saliva has anti-coagulant properties. I wouldn't mind them biting so much, if it didn't sting and if their buzz wasn't so damn annoying.

Nevertheless, a mosquito buzz is less annoying than a cat scratching a screen door. And yes I know I can fire up some incense sticks, citronella oil, use insect repellant etc..... but once these ideas enter my head it's usually too late. The itching has started and the rolled up newspaper is at the ready. I ask them to leave.

If they don't.............

There's tinge of guilt, accompanied by the thought of "Good luck in you next reincarnation." (which I lifted from some guru's quotes in my long years of web surfing)........ as the newspaper falls on the hapless mozzie.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


From a circa 1994 army field manual reagrding deception. One could take the long bow and see how it fits into the "was there a plane or no plane that hit the Pentagon" argument.

"Deception Concepts

Deception is the deliberate misrepresentation of reality to gain a competitive advantage. Political deception is achieved through diplomatic or international relations; military deception, through the acts of military forces.

The offensive is the better position from which to succeed at deception. The initiators of action define the nature of the encounter and thereby have the greater degree of control over it. A major advantage the initiative confers for successful deception is time. Although the target audience may ultimately choose not to act upon the deceptive theme, the additional time it spends evaluating deceptive scenarios or searching for further information benefits the initiator.

Deception (military or political) includes manipulating, distorting, withholding, or falsifying evidence available to an opponent. History has shown that it is far easier to deceive by reinforcing an opponent’s existing preconceptions than it is to persuade him to change his mind. PSYOP personnel should encourage the opponent that the most likely way of achieving the objective will in fact be adopted (thereby diverting his attention from an alternative plan).

Given two options, one of which reinforces our existing point of view, people are more likely to believe what they already suspect. Psychologically, they are gratified by evidence that confirms their preconceptions. People generally attach undue importance to evidence supporting their point of view and reject that which does not. PSYOP personnel should avoid deception that requires persuading a target audience of something it is not already predisposed to believe. In World War II, the Allies exploited Hitler’s (the target audience with the power) conviction that because of the problems of air cover and the need for a major port, any Allied invasion of Europe would occur at Calais.

Deception Types

Deception may be strategic, operational, or tactical. Deception, regardless of type, may be active (designed for the target audience to discover) or passive (designed to withhold selected items from the target audience for operations security [OPSEC]).

Strategic deception refers to instances during war or peace when countries attempt to mask their diplomatic and military strategy either by confusing or misleading their opponents. This level of deception involves a nation’s highest decision makers using diplomacy, economics, intelligence, and virtually every conceivable dimension of modem conflict to mislead or confuse opponents.

Strategic deception may extend political deception by using military activities. It may also be large-scale, long-term projections of false intelligence to aid theater objectives. Although the objectives may be military, strategic deception supports national policies and plans and may be supported by nonmilitary agencies."

Joe Quinn makes a few observations about the truthout 9/11 movement. Thing is, no-one seems to be asking what was hit inside the Pentagon. Turns out to be "four special, highly classified electronically secure areas" which belonged to Naval Intelligence command.

Initial reports of what were originally hit are long buried. In fact the above link seems to be the only source and is on google cache.

Paul Linebargers Psychological Warfare and it's application to current day US policy.

Linebarger Psychological Warfare

This is from Paul M.A. Linebarger's "Psychological Warfare" 1954 edition Pages 128-131 which is the "primer" for PSYOPS operations. Linebarger's fear was that this would be used in peace time which a lot of it ufortunately has.

"On the other side of the coin, it is very hopeful to note that the many and dangerous techniques developed by the OSS (Precursor to the CIA) for covert propaganda, some of which were applied with considerable success in Europe, have not been introduced into domestic U.S. politics, commercial competition or other froms of private life"
-Paul M.A. Linebarger

Anyway, this following passage applies to US policy and attitudes towards Iran and also applies to Israel's policy to Palestine and USA non-engagement with North Korea.

"Over and above the direct contribution to straight news or intelligence, enemy propaganda in times of war or crisis affords a clue to enemy strategy. If the co-ordination is not present the propaganda may do the enemy himself harm. But the moment co-ordination is present, and one end of the co-ordinate is handed over to us, we can start figuring what the co-ordination is for. Sometimes propaganda is sacrificed for weightier considerations of security; German propaganda gave little advance warning of a war with the USSR, and Soviet propaganda gave none. In other instances,the co-ordination does give the show away."
The Manahattan project is one instance of being kept secret until it was used.

"In 1941-42 the Japanese radio began to show an unwholesome interest in Christmas Island in its broadcasts to Japanese at home and abroad. Christmas Island, below Sumatra, was pointed out as a really important place, and tremendously important to Naval strategy. Subsequently the Japanese armed forces went to and took Christmas Island. The home public was delighted that this vital spot had been secured. Of course Christmas Island was not as important as Japanese radio said it was, but the significant thing was that radio talked about it AHEAD OF TIME. For what little it was worth theJapanese had given us warning......"
This section one paragraph later applies to Israel in particular but also applies to Iran:

"A nation getting ready to strike a la Pearl Harbour may prepare by alleging American aggresion. A nation preparing to break the peace frequently gets out peace propaganda of the most blatant sort, trying to make sure that its own audience (as well as the world) will believe the real responsibility to lie in the victim he attacks. Hitler protested his love of Norwegian neutrality; then he hit, claiming that he was protecting it from the British. No hard and fast rules can be made up for all wars or all beligerents. The Germans behaved according to one pattern; the Japanese

"For example, the German High Command sought to avoid bragging about anything they could not accomplish (The-Open-Mind: see USA's performance on North Korea which would involve the possibility of engaging China with it hundreds of millions of ready-for-war population) They often struck blows without warning but they never said they would strike a blow when they knew or believed they could not do it. The British and Americans made a timetable of this, and were able to guess how fast the Germans thought they were going to advance in Russia."

"Knowing this, the British and Americans planned their propaganda to counter the German boasts; they tried to pin the Germans down to objectives they knew the Germans would not take, in order to demonstrate to the peoples of Europe that Nazi Germany had finally bitten off more than it could chew."

"Later the Allies remembered this German habit when the Nazis on the radio began talking about their own secret weapons. When the British bombed the V-1 ramps on the French coast, the German radio stopped that talk. The British had additional grounds for supposing that the ramps thay had bombed were part of the secret weapons that the Germans bragged about. The British further knew that the Germans would try to counter the psychologigal effect of the announcement of Allied D Day with some pretty vivid news of their own. When the German radio began mentioning secret weapons again, the British suspected the Germans had got around damage done to the ramps. D-Day came; the Germans, in one single broadcast designed to impress the Japanese and Chinese, announced the secret German weapon was about to be turned loose, and that more such weapons would follow. One day later the first V-1 hit London."
And the final chapter ends thus

"For peacetime purposes, it is to be remembered that tough enemies may hide their scientists, their launching ramps, or their rockets, they cannot hide their occasion for war, nor their own readiness measures. No government can afford to seem the plain unqualified aggressor. Propanal ( Propaganda Analysis) may prove to be one of the soundest war-forecasting systems available to usin a period of ultra destructive weapons. Psychologicalmobilization may be disguised; it cannot be concealed."

Since the re-appointment of GW Bush, the US has been talking "peace" and "diplomacy", while at the same time portraying Iran and Syria as "terrorist states". A close reading of the above tells us what is in store....

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The black cat is restless

The black cat is restless. On a restlessness scale he's a solid 8.

I've been experiencing brown-outs all afternoon and blogspot has been running as if treacle is running through the phone lines.


Anxiety was emotion of the day on Thursday and Friday. Some people I know have been having weird dreams.

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According to the HAARP site:

" HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and
behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand
and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian
and defense purposes. "

There's an interesting article by Laura Knight Jadczyk regarding the HAARP exercise in Alaska, that hypothesises otherwise. The above pretty picture of the transmitter array jointly sponsored by the Air Force and the strange Office of Naval Research (ONR) who does some really unusual if not kooky science.

ONR is involved in such research as Organic Mine Countermeasures (read dolphins).


ONR made a $100,000 investment 25 years ago to develop a more accurate determination of time. Conspiracy fans note..... the ONR was not formed until 1946.... so they ain't responsible for the Philadelphia experiment. That was more than likely under the auspices of their precursor.... the Naval Bureau of Ordinance. Einstein was working for them from 1943 to 1944. Unified Field Theories and such like are bandied about by conspirachekniks.

ONR has sponsored an "artificial life" laboratory for exploring self organized behavioiur in land combat.

XP Blue Screen of death

Not very often I see this. Win98 was notorious for it. XP is a lot more stable albeit with a stack more spyware with links to No Such Agency, all those weird dll files and "registry entries".

Just crashed whilst doing some reseach.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Bill Hicks

From Bill Hick's Bio

"Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather." ......!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Signs of the times.

© Tsunehisa Kimura

I was looking through a survey at the stereophiles website the other day and came across the survey. What is the single greatest album cover of all time? Why did you pick it?. The usual Sticky Fingers (with the real zipper!), Sgt Pepper, White Album, Dark Side of the Moon were there. A couple of orphans including the above of Midnight Oil's Red Sails in the Sunset.

Midnight Oil were unusual band. Great musicians with a political and social conscience. Much like U2 in the late 80s, although U2 seemed to have lost their way a little in the excesses of rock star super stardom. Not so with Midnight Oil. They started as angry young men, became a little older angry men and ran out of puff in the early 2000's.

The lead singer (and lawyer!), Peter Garrett ran for the Australian Senate in the late 80's under the Nuclear Disarmenent Party banner. Like most left leaning parties that have a possibility of being successful, it attracted every lefty intent of "doing something" and of course imploded under the weight of 1000 different ideas of how it should run. Garrett became president of the Australian Conservation Foundation where he gained respect for his pragmatic style.

Garrett ended up winning a seat in Federal Parliament under the Labor Party banner in the last Federal election late last year. Some said he sold out, but few realised the very strong history his family in the Australian Labor party......

Anyway back in 1984, myself and a friend in our final year of High School went to check out the new Midnight Oil album. The above photo on a full sized LP was met with stunned silence and the...... "How intense is that?".

The Red Sails in the Sunset photograph was completed by Japanese montage artist Tsunehisa Kimura. It depicts the usually deep blue Sydney Harbour being replaced by an outback red earth landscape, pockmarked by craters. A nuclear blast is just starting in the Circular Quay region of the harbour.

It described perfectly the shadow of the nuclear threat that had been much of our lives. It wasn't until the breaking down of the Communist regime that we thought we were safe. In those times the fear of the unknown came from "nuclear war". these days the powers that be seem to pushing the "terrorist" line.

Later coming across Chomsky, Michael Moore etal, one realises that the "fear" is there to keep the bewildered herd under control.

There are some more images from Kimura and a desription of the man and his work here:
Millions of newsstand browsers in Japan would be familiar with Kimura's Heartfield-style political montages which appeared in weekly and monthly topical magazines through the 1970s and 80s. His frequent target was the shady Tanaka faction of the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan which pushed through the rapid but careless development of so many blockbuster projects based on unchallenged technological progress.

As Heartfield excoriated the rise of Nazism, Kimura lampooned the era of the bullet train, urban throughways and nuclear power stations all of which came with pork barrel politics, bribery and massive corruption - the polluting gigantism of unrestrained development. Ideal material for a real life apocalypse.

Niagara Falls plunge through the canyons between New York's skyscrapers,

© Tsunehisa Kimura
the earth emerges in a plume of steam from a gigantic weather system on another planet,

© Tsunehisa Kimura

a supertanker heads away from Mt Fuji across a perfect sea with the giant Buddha of Kamakura perched on its stern,
© Tsunehisa Kimura

two helicopters drape Tokyo with a giant hinomaru flag, a nuclear power station nestles next to the towers of Shinjuku, a flight of Toyotas dive bombs Pearl Harbor.

One of sort of prophetic is an ocean liner exploding mid-air above the Empire State Building.

© Tsunehisa Kimura

I'm unsure of the creation date of this apocalyptic surrealism, it mixes events.... the tragedies of the Hindenberg and Titanic, with the backdrop of the Empire State....a symbol of modern capitalism. Was it before or after 9/11? I've read that "artists are the antennaes of the future" perhaps Kimura was a visual prophet of the signs of the times.

Keep in mind this was done pre photoshop when cut and paste meant using a scapel and glue!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Let me tell you a story about Vincent Lingiari

I've just been listening to a Paul Kelly album which includes the following song about Vincent Lingiari. I haven't included it all but it gives you an idea
I found an article about Lingiari from the Member of Paliament whose electorate was name after Mr Lingiari. Stirring stuff on how one "little" man can make a difference.


Gather round people let me tell you're a story
An eight year long story of power and pride
British Lord Vestey and Vincent Lingiarri
Were opposite men on opposite sides

Vestey was fat with money and muscle
Beef was his business, broad was his door
Vincent was lean and spoke very little
He had no bank balance, hard dirt was his floor

From little things big things grow
From little things big things grow

Vincent Lingiari

Lingiari was named in honour of Vincent Lingiari OAM (1908-1988), a member of the Gurindji people from the NT's Victoria River District. He was a stockman and a land rights leader who worked for many years to improve conditions for Aboriginal people working on cattle stations. Mr Lingiari was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for services to Aboriginal people.

One of the most significant events in Mr Lingiari's life began on 23 August 1966, when he led his Gurindji people and others off the Northern Territory's Wave Hill station to a riverbed nearby. This strike would eventually reshape the agenda of relationships between indigenous Australians and the wider community.

The Wave Hill dispute began after the station's owners refused Mr Lingiari's request that Aboriginal stockmen – who suffered appalling working and living conditions – be paid $25 a week. But it soon became much more, when the Gurindji people demanded the return of their traditional lands.

The strike lasted seven years. Over that time, support for Aboriginal rights grew as the struggle intensified. The end result was an enormously important event in our history when, during an emotional ceremony in 1975, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam poured the local sand into Vincent Lingiari's hands and handed the Wave Hill station back to the Gurindji people.

Warren devoted his first speech as the member for Lingiari to this great Australian.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Horrific series of photos as a US check point team, f*@$ up (sorry there's no other term which fits this situation so perfectly) a routine check in al Afar Iraq and then attempt to remedy their botch up. The scene in Apocalypse Now when a family gets gunned down at close range hiding a puppy comes to mind.

If it wasn't photographed it just would have been two more deaths. Most likely reported in the media as:
"Today in Tal Afar, two Iraqi insurgents were shot and killed at a US checkpoint, as seven of them attempted to pass through without stopping.

Five of the insurgents were captured unharmed."

BBC News Series here