Monday, April 04, 2005

Spam Blogs

Blogger has been so-so lately. It's been impossible to edit, add or even view blogs from downunder. Add to this I've been on a 26kb restriction after using up all last month's bandwidth. So accessing blogs through a miniscule 26k limit half a planet away is going to be slow.It has been extremely frustrating.

But I'm back on ADSL now so can't blame that.

The guys at Blogger know this and suffering along with us, they have no server space put aside especially for them....or so they say. The problem apparently is server size and electricity supply.

I think another problem is all the useless spam blogs, generically coded, generic subject matter .........well just plain generic. For example one has "Home owners search for FREE our extensive Worldwide database of house-sitters. House sitters make yourself available." repeated ad nauseum. People and mostly robots adding these blogs of uselessness and just having them sit there as google search engine enhancing devices is taking up a lot of energy and clogging up the system.

I just did a quick "next blog" surf and here are the results

Life through the eyes of a Labrador Blog done by a dog!
Better Days Blog owned by a real life person. Actually a good read
Boating Guide SPAM
Government Jobs Info SPAM
euro2004 Soccer fan
homesecuritypotal SPAM
MP3EditorPortal SPAM
DVD Duplication SPAM This one has 151 generated pages. Surely This
is going to bog down the Blogger. Theres a blog entry done every 6 or 7
minutes or so.
Welcome to my garden Teenager's blog

I was going to do ten but GUESS WHAT? Blogger froze up once again in Firefox. If this gets posted it will be from a saved copy from wordpad as a backup (which I have learnt to do when posting) and posted using IE6.

For some reason M$ Explorer seems to keep operating (very slowly) when Firefox stops cold and just hangs. So sometimes a browser switch fixes things.

Anyway, surely these spam blogs are going to overload the blogger. Each one seemed to have about 150+ entries which create 150+ plus pages for each entry. Surely blogger can weed out the spam crap which IMHO is akin to globules of unecessary fat floating around in a system with an overworked heart.


  • yeah, i think they need to stop all this spam also. blogger has been acting very silly the last few days, and i can only imagine how bad it would be w/ just 28k. it stutters, pops and freezes on my broadband too.
    i had to reboot 3 times yesterday and lost my post twice. . .
    bout ready to give it up unless something is done.
    saw a lot of post of people complaining of lost post yesterday.
    it's a government plot i am sure . .

    By Blogger sleepybomb, at 12:29 am  

  • Zombie spam blogs are a BIG nuisance. The suckers who fall for spam are an even bigger nuisance.

    By Blogger Deleted, at 6:52 pm  

  • I actually followed a couple of the spam blogs to their logical conclusion.

    Seems to be mainly Amazon owned Alexa toolbars and google ads. One adds to the internet database of websurfing and the other generates clickthrough revenues.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 9:07 am  

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