Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sometimes dragged kicking and screaming.

Geoffrey Moore writes in his book"Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers", that there is a bell curve that describes how a new technology is adapted by a market.

At the front of the curve is a small section of Innovators and next to it a slightly larger Early Adapter section. After that there are two large sections at the middle of the curve, the Early Majority and then the Late Majority. Finally, there is a Laggards section.

Here are a couple of forays into things technological over the years.

(aka Johnno the trailblazer)

  • Internet business...... 1996 (you should have tried getting permission to take cash over the internet in '96 from the Australian banks.....horrific)

  • Firefox.......2002 (have never looked back)

  • ICQ.....user number 30 thousand and something, last used circa 98.

  • Early Adapters
    (aka Johnno as a trendsetter)

    There are things I was relatively early with.

  • Home PC..... Around 1983 (a VIC-20)

  • CD player....... 1985 (Cd's were something like $24 a pop at the time compared to a $12 cassette)

  • DVD player......2000 (introduced in 1999 downunder, it's a really well made Pioneer DV-525 unit. If you were lucky Blockbuster would have TWO copies of a DVD. Still going strong)

  • Mobile/cell phone..........around '92 although I got rid of the thing after awhile getting another in 2001.

  • Yahoo account circa 96

  • Digital camera...... 2000. An old Sony thing with a 3 1/2" FLOPPY drive. Held 5 photos at high(1.2 mp res) YEEHAW!

  • Early Majority/Late Majority
    (aka Johnno joins the stampeding herd)

    There are a few things I have been slow on the uptake.

  • Blogging....2005

  • First Wi_fi connection......last week 2006.

  • Myspace.......last couple of weeks 2006.

  • Broadband......2004

  • Laggards
    (aka Shit I don't need/want/understand at this point in time
    accompanied by lame Luddite excuses)

  • I-pod.... I just don't NEED one. Music is in the car or at home and I have mp3/cd players there.

  • Podcasting, I have difficulties enough putting pen to paper let alone making noises about it.

  • DVD burner- I jusy wait for the DVD bargain bins and the artists get the royalties. Call me a prude.

  • Anything labelled with a 2.0 after it. Although technically this blog comes under the auspices of 2.0, I just don't know it!

  • Bluetooth...... cables and physical flash drives are fine, usually quicker

  • Linux....... flaky, scary and unsuitable for my apps, I've seen experts having difficulty doing basic chores that usually just click open with XP.

  • Big flat screen TV....mine is plenty big enough.


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