Monday, May 01, 2006

The true Irish sandwich?

Guinness and Oysters.

I always have trouble spelling Guinness using one "n" instead of two.

More Guinness old classic ads here.

There a couple of things I wish I DID enjoy that others do. Elvis Costello, Pet Sounds, fantasy novels, badly made 50's and 60's sci fi/horror flicks that sort of thing.

In the culinary world there isn't much I don't enjoy. However, I don't like Guinness and I don't like oysters, I wish I did. Guinness reminds me of watered down gravy and oysters always seem to taste the notion of the two together is doubly unappealing.

Nevertheless there are those who love Guinness. I do some volunteer work with an Irishman named Patrick (Paddy) and he loves his Guinness although he says the stuff downunder doesn't taste the same as the real stuff from Dublin. Apparently our Guinness here is either a) bottled in Ireland and quite old or b) bottled in Singapore or c) made and bottled in Australia using our water. d) bottled in Australi using bulk suplies from Ireland.

I'm not sure which is the case. I've heard all four of the aforementioned reasons, I'm in the beverage industry so one of them is probably true.


  • One of the great tragedies of my life, stumbling into Dublin for the first time, with six months sobriety under my belt (at Christmas, St. Stephans and New Years no less!).

    Used to drink Guiness at The Plough and Stars on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, many decades ago. But I only did it to try and... when in Rome and all that. Never really liked the stuff.

    By Blogger Peter (the other), at 2:38 pm  

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