Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Labor Party stuff.

I'll be at one of the ACTU(Australian Council of Trade Unions) rallys in Blacktown today, getting information (without the conservative party spin) regarding the John Howard new workplace awards. May be back with some photos and a bit of a report. Some mates from work are meeting me at the pub and then forward, onward bruvvers! It is being held at the Blacktown Showgrounds at 9am with quite a few people attending. Schools in the Western suburbs aren't opening until 11am. It will be interesting to see the Murdoch run NEWS slant on that.

BTW I met some Kiwis (New Zealanders) on Monday night who had similar legislation passed a ten years ago. Their wages have only gone up $1 (from $10 to $11) in 10 years. No wonder they are emmigrating to Australia in droves......


  • Why did Howard not float his plans as an issue prior to the last election? The most extreme legislation in a generation AND HE SAID NOTHING to the electorate to signal his intentions. Instead, shamefully hiding his intentions, he bided his time, then, with a look of guilty, self-satisfied triumph, foisted his violently hated laws onto the people at his soonest opportunity: when the government had control of both Houses. This was an unforgivable, calculating, ideologically-driven, democratically-irresponsible, arrogant, repugnant and unAustralian piece of sleight-of-hand which I fervently hope and pray will see his Party dumped from office next election, with many terms of electoral disgrace to follow, and a harsh judgment by the writers of History.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:27 pm  

  • Amken brother... or is that sister.

    Look to the HR Nicholls Society for the Liberal party Industrial Relations manifesto IMHO ;-)

    By Blogger Johnno, at 5:19 pm  

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