Monday, June 26, 2006

One use for a 600 Grosser Mercedes Benz

Most expensive Picnic table in Sydney today?

I went on an economy run today with the Benz club. Above was one of the highlights at the sausage sizzle (sausage BBQ) we had at a park near the Napean river. A Benz 600 Grosser complete with privacy curtains being used as a picnic table.

This is the second economy run I've been on with the club, the first was in my thirstier 450SLC. The 300e was a lot more economical, registering just under 9.3lt/100km or 30 miles per gallon.Thistiest car was this 1950's 300d

There are several tricks I learnt on the last economy run, over inflate the tyres to prevent rolling resistance, brake as little as possible, try to keep the tachometer under 2500rpm, roll down hills in neutral and don't get lost. I got lost......

Then there are other aspects where self control must be practiced. Economy runs mean as little use of petrol is the best way to go. That means VERY gentle driving. No sudden acceleration. If there's a car all over your arse, filling up your entire rear view mirror and you're pottering along like an old lady..... fight the urge to flatten the accelerator and leaving them to eat your dust. If it's a BMW fight the urge doubly hard. This is particularly difficult when you're crawling up a monstous steep hill (par for the course by the sadists who map out such courses) and the car is going up at 2500rpm and 20km/h. You know you can go up at 90km/h but you aren't able to.

The course was a good one. Up through some of the Blue Mountains around Bowen Mountain and rolling hills around Kurrajong,

along the Napean river and the lovely flood plains where turf farms are in proliferation.

It was sunny cattle and horses everywhere, with several Mercedes Benzes doing the Sunday Driver thing travelling rather slowly.


  • Looks like a lot of fun.

    By Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic, at 7:09 am  

  • It was!

    By Blogger Johnno, at 11:19 pm  

  • johnno,hi this is les, the owner of that will not believe this,,,,,at 4.30 this afternoon a computer whiz kid came and set up a lap top with sim card connection for me as i have never had a computer before,to show me the sites he asks me a what my car is called...he punches in 600 grosser and would you beleive here are the photos of the picnic up behind Kurrajong,i couldn't beleive it, great photos..thanks mate are you a benz club member?
    my email is
    say hi if you feel free to do so....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:21 pm  

  • Hi Lelsie,

    I saw for some month a movie from your MB600, where you explained the viewer, that that car had a 6.9 ltr motor. I, simple european, always thought an original 600 had a 6.3 Ltr motor. ;-)

    But I am collecting Vinnumbers and foto's of the W100 series.

    Cpuld you send me a picture and yopur Vinnumber for my collection (which already knows 465 Vinnumerbers and 220 pictures ???
    That collection is for the registry from the american M100-website
    Mail me :

    Greetings Paul from the Netherlands

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:11 am  

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