Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez..... He's rather good. Click the left link and it takes you to his myspace page with some of his lovely songs. The songs Lovestain and Heartbeats are standouts.

I've just downloaded his album Veneer, which is a beaut acoustic guitar album. Similar sounding to America and Art & Grafunkel but different (in a post modern way if you know what I mean). Jose is a child of the globe, he has Argentinian parents, raised in Sweden, sings in English and is now touring the USA.

Reviews on Amazon are postive 5 star rating with 23 reviews. His reviews on e-music are 5 stars with 100+ votes, so the numbers have it I suppose. JJJ have been playing him for about a year now, I finally got around to buying it, 11 months too late.

From his spinmeisters......

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, of Argentinean parents, 25-year-old José González is a top-ten chart artist and revered troubadour figure in Sweden, where he is cherished equally by the musical cognoscenti, seriously besotted critics and hordes of regular Nordic punters. Using just his own dexterously finger-picked classical guitar and a captivating voice - part João Gilberto, part Nick Drake– José’s music is as economical as it is seductive; stark but effortlessly melodious songwriting whose confessional, gently provocative lyrics (all sung in perfect English) are, by turns, poignant, intriguing and life-affirming.


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