Sunday, October 22, 2006

House to share ad from the early 80's

This for rent advertisement is mentioned in a Phillip Adams column in an old Christmas edition of The Bulletin dated December 23 1980. This is in the "old days" when the Bulletin was the organ for rather well to do lefties. Ads for Dunhill cigarettes, Pierre Cardin accessories, European cars, Internationial airlines and large ther various multi-nationals feature prominently.

I've always remembered the ad for some reason, couldn't find it on the here it is reproduced in all its glory.

"TWO BEDROOM HOUSE: with fireplace, garage, workshop and large yard. $200 per month. No children, no pets, no smokers, no drinkers, no drugs, no gays and no free thinkers; no Buddhists, no Baptists, no Moonies, no Junies, no communist sympathisers, room deodorisers nor tranquilisers; no creeps, no punks, no fools, no losers, no onions and hold the Mao. In fact never mind... I'm going to sell the property and move to Denver or India or some place. (And no musicians.)"


Image courtesy of ektarama at Flickr used freely under Creative Commons



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