Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I 've a part-share in a leased hayburner (Aust colloq: horse) which will be racing in pacing/trots/harnes racing later this year. There are eight of us from work each chipping in thirty bucks a week. It should be fun, we get to go to races now and then sporting "owners" badges. I know nothing about horses, or racing or betting so this is a whole new world to me.

Leasing is a good option as if the horse isn't up to scratch, we can get a new one. But so far the signs are good according to the trainer. If it wins money, there's a confusing split of the winnings but I think it works out to about 60% for the leasees. Trotting seemed the best option, gallopers were way to expensive (a minimum $1000 a week in training, track time and rider fees) and dishlickers (greyhounds) just don't pay as much.

A trotter seemed the best option for some blue collar lads.

We are still to name it, I've always though Jimi Hendrix songs would make good horse names so I put forward my choice, "Purple Haze". The naming is still to be approved through the Australian Harness Racing Council. The top choice is "Argus Tuft", "Purple Haze" being the second choice.

I went to have a look at the beast late this morning at John (the trainers) horse farm......(there's a proper horsey word for horse farm.....can't think of it). It was great, reminding me a little of my Grandfathers old farm now a vineyard in the Adelaide Hills.

There were small bantams running around with their chicks, a couple of dogs, big old pine trees filling the air with their scent and horse paraphenalia in abundance. John (the trainer ) was shoeing a couple of horses and his wife and daughter were running a few other horses through their paces. I couldn't count the number of bridles, blinkers, driver buggies and other horse type things around the place. As I wrote before, a new world.

One of the other part share-owners and I went off and had a quick look at the hayburner which had just been gelded as he was getting a little bit too aggressive. He seemed to be in fine spirits despite the recent loss of certain male bits. I rubbed his nose and got a few pics.

Anyway here he is, "Purple Haze"........ well that will be his name to me.


  • My favorite trotter was named "Jake the Snake." I bet on him because he had such a cool name. he lost.

    By Blogger Frank, at 10:41 am  

  • Go Purple Haze!

    "dishlicker" rotflmao

    By Blogger Peter (the other), at 4:14 pm  

  • A fine beast. I hope he does well, Johnno.

    temp home

    By Blogger J Alva Scruggs, at 7:43 pm  

  • Much money to be lost on this nag too Frank!

    Thanks to the esteemed Scruggs (esq.) and Peter (esq.) for kind comments. There is slang for all types of things, Peter is a "muso" for example!

    By Blogger Johnno, at 9:38 pm  

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