Sunday, September 24, 2006

Servo sunnys

Servo: Aust (colloq.) A service station (Amer. Gas station) that sells a wide variety of good apart from petroleum (Amer. Gasoline)

Sunnys: Aust. (colloq.) Sunglasses.

Servo Sunnys: Aust (colloq.) A pair of sunglasses bought from a service station (Amer. Gas station), usually rather cheap and nasty but not such a heartbreaker if you lose them.

I once owned a pair of really nice counterfeit Armani sunglasses which I managed to keep for about four weeks before losing them. It was a bummer. Twenty five dollars was the most I'd ever paid for sunnys from guy-with-a spiv-british-accent-at-the-flea-market-dodgy-sunglass-selling-guy.

Sunglasses for me are like socks, there's a sunglass gnome (in cahoots with sock and pen gnome) who gets around swiping sunglasses and puts them in his secret sunglass stash. So to keep this gnome in ready supply and not break the bank, I have reverted to sourcing my sunglasses from the servo. In Australia they are sometimes known as servo sunnys. They're cheap, they work (I think) and they are easily replaced when lost.

(Actually on second though I'm not so sure about the quality standards of servo sunnys.......perhaps there are retina burning rays still getting though even though I'm unaware of it....who cares....I look cool and don't have to squint as much)

There was a story on the radio where a couple of guys had people ring in with servo sunny stories. The best I can remember, was the guy who loved his servo sunnies so much, he had his optometrist place prescription lenses in the $4 frames. Makes sense, they break just as well as your pair of $400 Jonathan Sceats carbon fibre items.

Anyway yesterday I went to the two-dollar-shop and got a couple of pairs for eight bucks. Everyone loves a bargain.


  • Interesting... Have not heard either "servo" or "sunnys" used that way... Over the years I would lose or break a couple of pair of cheapo sunglasses a year. Then about 1990 I invested in a pair of Ray-Ban aviators. It seems I paid about $50 at the time - a bloody fortune and far more than I had ever paid for sunglasses. I'm still wearing them, which must make them the oldest sunnys in captivity. Last year I slammed the car door on one of the temples and broke it in 3 places. But I straightened it out and patched it. My hair stays long enough that when I wearing them you cannot tell that they're broken.

    It will be a sad day when I have to part with them. I dread trying to find a suitable replacement that I like and can afford.

    By Anonymous Winston, at 11:00 pm  

  • I have a theory that if you keep something for long enough Winston, it becomes almost impossible for the sunglass gnome to take.

    Aviators are like Zippo lighters, almost impossible to break and if you do, they seem to still operate when repaired.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 9:35 am  

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