Thursday, September 21, 2006


Technocrati has tags (which IMHO aren't that useful....make that f*&%$ing USELESS)

FLICKR has tags (which are half useful) but.......

MOFF has the best tag of all SPECTACLE which is the most useful tag of all.

It's a catch-all tag that applies to every one of his posts much as his tag OTHER or UNCATEGORISED did in the old days. Spectacle is Moff's tarting-up of OTHER which is to be commended and a useful lesson in the black arts of spinmeistering.

In any case,Blogger has upgraded to beta.blogger which includes tags.

So.......I'm following Moff's lead and lumping everything under smoking-memo. I obtained this tag from Random word of the day at Wordspy. Either that or I'll use the even more useful TAG.

I went through a few others: leaf-peeper, strollerobics, tipping-point and biopharming before settling for these useful catch alls.

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  • I'm partial to his "Push up bras" tag.

    By Blogger fp, at 10:47 pm  

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